Methylcellulose – Its Use In Cocking

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Methylcellulose is a popular hydrocolloid which can create a gel, or act as a thickener when hydrated. However, an interesting fact about this ingredient is that when it’s heated, it turns into a gel. Due to unique properties, methylcellulose is often used to prepare jellies and mousses.For that reason, this component is used in numerous ways in a modern cousin and can be an excellent addition to create foams.

On top of that, chefs can use methylcellulose for drinks which can be dried to form films, or backed into crisp, brittle sheets.

So, let’s try to make a couple of recipes with this great ingredient.

In this case, methylcellulose serves as a replacement for egg whites. It adds texture and structure to your dessert. Meringues should be dried until crisp.You can use a dehydrator. However, you have to be quite skilled in setting up the appropriate temperature.

For this recipe you will require methylcellulose slurry:

  • 3g of methylcellulose
  • 200 ml of boiling water

Pour methylcellulose and boiling water into a stick blender and then mix. Once you combine the ingredients, set it up in an ice bath and stir while the mass cools down. For best results, leave the mixture to sit in the fridge overnight.

The next part should be Beetroot Meringue.


  • 45 g of methylcellulose slurry
  • 260g of beet juice
  • 40 g of isomalt – powdered
  • 1.2 g of Xanthan Gum
  • 10g of Caster Sugar

Seasonings of your choice

First of all, start with methylcellulose slurry, beet juice, and xanthan gum by mixing them with a stick blender. It should have a structure similar to beat egg whites. You then gradually add isomalt and caster sugar.
Whip this mass to soft peaks, it will take a bit time, more than egg whites, but will go to stiff peaks eventually.

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Use a piping bag and blob it to a non-stick sheet, or you can spread it into a thin layer, whatever you prefer.
The Savory Beetroot Meringue should be dehydrated at 57c for 10-12 hours. If you aren’t a fan of beet juice, then you can use anything you like, considering this recipe can be adapted to a large variety of juices.

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