Blog and Bake Part Two

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I’m back home now and already missing the beautiful North East part of the country. Could have had a little nicer weather but we still had a few beautiful days and we were inside most of the time anyway so I really shouldn’t complain. I honestly had such an amazing time and met some really cool people.

Photo Courtesy of Terri Rosenstock
Photo Courtesy of Terri Rosenstock
Photo Courtesy of Terri Rosenstock

I’m not going to share all the things I learned here in this post but I’ll share some more pictures, talk about some of the classes that we took and then include more tips and tricks in my upcoming posts.

I think my weakness for pastries became very apparent to the participants last week. We had fresh pastries ready for us each morning and then of course Allison brought any extras into the class room so that they would sit there and tempt me until I ate them. Can anyone really say no to a flaky, powdered sugar covered, chocolate filled pastry? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Photo Courtesy of Terri Rosenstock

Our class on Tuesday was titled Blitz Puff Pastry and I admit that I doubted King Arthur Flour could pull it off. With my love of pastries I have spent days and hours rolling and laminating butter and dough to create the layers required for croissants among other things. It takes a long time but the end results are pretty spectacular. Could you really get similar results in less time?

Apparently you can! I don’t know if it would work as well for a croissant but it makes some pretty beautiful and flaky palmiers! We made sugar and pesto versions and they were so amazing. We also experimented with pie crust and made a great homemade version of the popular “pop tarts”. So excited to share some more from these classes. I’ll be posting the Palmiers soon!


We also got the visit the test kitchen and also meet some of the amazing talent behind the Bakers Hotline and the social media managers. It was so cool to see the warehouse and the process of packing the orders to be sent out.


What a great experience. If you’re ever anywhere near Norwich Vermont or even if you want to make a trip out there just to see them, it is totally worth it. They have a beautiful facility and all the instructors and staff that we worked with were simply amazing. They’ve got a whole line up of great classes no matter what your current skill level is and they’ll have you feeling like a pro in no time.

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