Blendtec Blenders

Overview of Blendtec Blenders

With the development of the wheat mill in the 1970s, Tom Dickson founded the Blendtec company. His inventive ideas made flour grinding faster than other heavy equipment on the market at the time by a factor of two. Dickson developed a “Total Blender” in the 1990s to help him integrate his innovative ideas into the blending sector.

With the release of Tom’s well-known YouTube video “Will it Blend” in 2006, the Blendtec brand became an instant hit and household name. In the video, Tom and George test the strength of their blenders’ pitcher, motor, and blades by blending a variety of everyday and outdoor things. Sales increased by an astonishing 700% due to its immediate popularity.

Today, Blendtec is at the forefront of innovation, particularly in expensive blenders. Blendtec is a well-known brand in the blender & kitchen sector thanks to Tom’s continued quest for innovation, and the company continues to outperform its name-brand rivals.

Reasons to buy a Blendtec Blender

A Blendtec blender is an ideal replacement for your old, clunky blender if you’re searching for a more modern, high-performance appliance. Even though Blendtec is expensive, it will function well and last a long time. Long-lasting pitchers and stainless steel blades will make it last for many years.

Even though almost everyone has seen a blender at some point in their lives, if you’re considering purchasing one for the first time, a Blendtec blender is the best option. They have predetermined blend times, a touch-screen display, and pre-programmed settings on their user-friendly front panel. With this touch-and-go device, you can select the Setting you want and do other things while your blender completes the difficult tasks.

How Durable Is a Blendtec Blender?

Consumer surveys have given Blendtec a “fair” reliability rating. However, in the first four years following purchase, other high-end products perform far better than Blendtec, placing Blendtec near the bottom of the list.

It might be challenging to predict how long a blender will last. Usage, after-care, and model type are all important considerations. Blendtec advises combining cleaning regimens for immediate and long-term use to take care of your product and increase its lifespan. Even though their jars are constructed of Eastman Tritan copolyester, a durable, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free plastic that has earned NSF certification as the best easy-clean blender, hand washing them can extend the life of your appliance.

The pitcher must be filled with hot water and dish soap before being pulsed for five seconds. You can also use the “clean” option that some models feature as an alternative. Pour boiling water into your blender jar, add 1-2 teaspoons of chlorine, and swirl for 10 seconds to clean thoroughly. Five minutes should pass after mixing this combination before it is fully rinsed and dried. By taking these actions, you should be able to prolong the life and functionality of your appliance.

Blendtec Warranties for Blenders

Blendtec makes up for its expensive appliances with some of the best industry-wide warranties. All of their blenders come with a 1-year warranty, although the warranties on their other blenders range from 2- to 10-years. Depending on the model, your guarantee may vary; the more expensive the blender, the better. Additionally, both labor and components are covered, and an additional warranty can be purchased for a fee.

It’s vital to remember that Blendtec only covers typical use in a home and excludes coverage for aesthetic harm or the use of domestic blenders for commercial purposes.

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