Vitamix 750 Vs Blendtec 800: What Is The Best Brand Right Now?

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If you are confused between Blendtec and Vitamix brands, let’s choose Blendtec in this comparison of Vitamix 750 Vs Blendtec 800 right away because of its extremely modern and outstanding features.

Vitamix 750 vs Blendtec 800 are products from two gold standard blender brands on the market today. These are specialized blenders for enthusiasts and professional chefs to use. Hence, it has similarities as well as differences when compared with these two products.

Between these two products, which is the best product for consumers?

The Blendtec 800 is amazing, with a host of features such as 11-speed touch sliders, 6 pre-programmed blend cycles, exclusive audio equipment because it makes no noise.

Vitamix 750 is a very good blender as it comes with lots of modern functions like 10 variable speeds, 5 pre-programmed settings, the self-cleaning feature, a cooling fan, dishwasher-safe and others. 

Most of the design materials of the 750 and 800 products from Vitamix and Blendtec are made of plastic, both have self-cleaning capabilities, and both have a few features. If you want to know more, read on!

Vitamix 750 vs Blendtec 800 – Comparison Chart

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Vitamix 750 vs Blendtec 800 – Differences

When I put on the scale to compare these two products. I discovered a lot of differences between them. From the internal structure to the features of these two products. Let’s dig deeper into it!

Blending performance

The winner: Blendtec 800

+Power rating

When you look at the comparison table above, you can see that the horsepower motor of both products has very different stats. Vitamix 750 has a motor index of 2.2 horsepower and Blendtec 800 has an engine index of 3.8 horsepower.

As a result, the Blendtec 800 blender’s horsepower motor is larger than that of the Vitamix 750, which means that the blender’s internal motor from the Blendtec brand is more powerful than their rival brand.

Therefore, Blendtec 800 is always a favorite product of many customers because of its outstanding performance and exceeds consumer expectations.

Obviously, Vitamix 750 are also of good quality, but in terms of horsepower, Blendtec has a huge advantage.


The winner: Blendtec 800

Blendtec 800 is designed to be extremely modern and convenient
Blendtec 800 is designed to be extremely modern and convenient

+Variable speed settings

The comparison table above makes it easy for you to see the difference in this feature.

Vitamix 752 blender has 10 speed levels, the manufacturer supports this feature to make it easy for consumers to adjust the level they want.

Blendtec 800, on the other hand, is designed to be extremely modern and convenient. By providing 11 levels of speed adjustment via the touch slider, this makes consumers extremely happy since they require only touching the slider on the machine to adjust the speed.

Many users rate that Blendtec 800 is the first choice over Vitamix 750 because of this speed adjustment feature.

+Container size

In terms of the size of the container, just by looking at it, you can already know where there is a larger and a smaller size.

The size index in the comparison table above shows that the Blendtec 800 blender is superior to the Vitamix 750, it has a size of 90 ounces, and the 750 version has only 64 ounces.

Several Blendtec customers believe that the size of the blender makes them satisfied because the blender is big enough to grind a certain amount of food and vegetables at once.

On the contrary, users complain a lot about the container size of the Vitamix 750. Because the size is much smaller than Blendtec, they do not have enough grinds for their whole family.

+Pre-programmed settings

Blendtec 800’s pre-programmed settings are another feature that makes it a superior product.

This blender comes from the Blendtec brand and has six pre-installed programs that can be easily customized, ranging from green smoothies to margarine to hot soup.

Against this, the Vitamix 750 has only 5 pre-installed programs, including smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes. This means it has one less program than the Blendtec 800.

Vitamix 750 has 5 pre-installed programs
Vitamix 750 has 5 pre-installed programs

Cleaning & Maintenance

The winner: Blendtec 800

+Blender size

The size of the 750 version of Vitamix and Blendtec 800 is completely different when compared to each other.

The Vitamix measures 8.5 x 8.5 x 17.25 inches and the Blendtec 800 has a fairly large measure of 38 x 25 x 44 inches, which makes it easier for customers to choose products when they shop.

Considering the size of the Blendtec 800 product, you will be completely satisfied with this blender. Many people believe that the Blendtec 800 will take up too much space in your kitchen due to its large size.

But the reality is not so, this blender is extremely convenient for consumers to put it in the kitchen and will give you a feeling that it will not take up space inside your kitchen.

On the other hand, although Vitamix has a smaller size, consumers do not want to choose to buy it because the design is not beautiful and ingenious.


The winner: Blendtec 800

+Cord length

The length of the cord also shows you the difference between the two products from these two brands.

The cord length of the Vitamix 750 device is 6 feet and that of the Blendtec 800 is 7 feet, the difference is not large compared to each other. But that’s not the point.

Being only 1 feet apart does not mean that Vitamix 750 is a popular product.


Blendtec 800 has 10 years warranty
Blendtec 800 has 10 years warranty

Warranty period is an important thing when customers choose to buy a certain product and blender is no exception.

Looking at the comparison table, you can see that the warranty period of Blendtec 800 is 3 years longer than that of Vitamix 750, which means that the Blendtec 800 has a warranty period of 10 years and the 750 version is 7 years.

Consumers will not hesitate to immediately choose Blendtec 800 because of its extremely long warranty period.

Reviewers say they will pay more attention to the warranty period than the built-in features because what assures them ultimately is the quality of the machine, not the state-of-the-art features.

Vitamix 750 vs Blendtec 800 – Similarities

Many people think that two products from two different brands will have a lot of differences but rarely have similarities

Those similarities are like carafe material because two products are designed by the same material, which is called “BPA-free plastic”. 

Besides, it also has other features such as dishwasher-safe, self-cleaning, and a cooling fan. These are the functions that make the machine very productive and safe when cleaning it.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 750

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  • Cheaper than Blendtec 800.
  • The horsepower motor is weaker than the rival brand.
  • Having a smaller size.
  • The container size is smaller than Blendtec 800.
  • Shorter cord length than Blendtec 800.
  • Only 10 variable speeds.

Quick Rundown of Blendtec 800

No products found.

  • The stronger horsepower motor.
  • There are 11 variable speeds.
  • Container size is bigger than the Vitamix 750.
  • There are 6 pre-programmed settings.
  • The cord length is longer than that of the Vitamix 750.
  • Longer warranty period.
  • Heavier than the 750 version of Vitamix brand.

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