Vitamix 750 Vs V1200: What Is The Most Popular Blender Product Today And Easy To Own It?

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A good blender is essential when you are deciding which one to buy. According to me, in the battle between Vitamix 750 Vs V1200, the Vitamix 750 beats the Vitamix V1200 in every way.

As I delve deeper into the information of these two products, I seem to realize that even though they come from the same brand, they have very distinct similarities and differences.

But out of these two products, which blender is worth owning?

Vitamix V1200 is a blender designed with very modern features such as 10 variable speeds, pulse feature and the manufacturer also provides several self-detect containers for users to bring it easily.

Vitamix 750 is an extremely high-quality blender because it comes with very modern features that consumers love such as 5 pre-programmed settings, 10 variable speeds, dishwasher-safe and others. 

Vitamix 750 vs V1200 – Comparison Chart

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Vitamix 750 vs V1200 – Differences

When making any comparison, people will often notice the differences and similarities between them. The Vitamix 750 and V1200 blender products are no exception of course. 

Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages.


The winner: Vitamix 750

+Pre-programmed settings

The first difference between these two products is the pre-programmed settings.

Unfortunately, manufacturers do not support this feature for Vitamix V1200 blender. This is also a disadvantage for this product, and customers do not prioritize buying this device.

In contrast to the Vitamix 750, the blender is designed with 5 pre-programmed settings on the machine, which makes customers feel more excited when choosing to buy this product. Not only that, these 5 preset settings also help consumers easily have many choices when they grind food.

Therefore, shoppers will prefer the Vitamix 750 product over the genuine V1200 version of this Vitamix.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The winner: Vitamix 750

+Blender size

Vitamix 750: Blender Size
Vitamix 750: Blender Size

The comparison table illustrates the size index between the two products very clearly in each number.

Vitamix V1200 has dimensions of 10.5 x 8 x 17 inches, which means that the size of the blender from the V1200 version is larger than the 750 version.

Many viewers complain that the size of Vitamix V1200 is quite large, so placing it in the kitchen is quite inconvenient for the cook since it takes up kitchen space.

As opposed to this, the 750 version’s dimensions are pretty compact with an index of 8.5 x 8.5 x 17.25 inches, so it is a popular choice among consumers because it is small, compact and doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen.

Apart from that, the 750 is smaller, which means that it weighs less than the V1200 due to its smaller size.


The winner: Vitamix 750

+Cord length

Although the difference is not very large, it still occupies an important part in the comparison, which is the length of the cord.

There are significant differences in the cord length between these two products. The Vitamix V1200 is designed with a cord length of 4 feet. Considering that the Vitamix 750 has a cord length of 6 feet, the 750 version will have a longer cord than the V1200 version by 2 feet.

Vitamix 750 has 5 pre-installed programs
Vitamix 750 has 5 pre-installed programs

Plenty of customers have left comments on the Vitamix website that the cord length of the Vitamix 750 is relatively good for users. In view of the short cable length, it is not long enough to enable the machine to operate near the electrical panel.

Contrary to the current common ground, the cord length of the Vitamix V1200 is too short. Because of the short cord, many customers complain that it is inconvenient to grind food. They have to put the machine close to an electrical outlet to use the device.

+Digital timer

In terms of this feature, it is clear that the Vitamix 750 is somewhat disadvantaged compared to the V1200.

This feature helps the machine to time the machine accurately, thus making this food tastier and more nutritious. Besides, instead of waiting time for it to finish grinding, you can do the other things because it has a preset time on the device.

If, however, you choose to buy an item that has a lot of modern and useful functions, such as the 750 version, you can be assured that the digital timer feature is not a problem without it.


At first glance, customers may think Vitamix V1200 will be better because it has a long operating life of up to a decade. But the problem here is that you have to pay extra for the manufacturer to guarantee you for the last three years of the device.

Unlike the V1200 version, the manufacturer of Vitamix 750 will guarantee you from A to Z without having to pay any additional fees when you bring the device to the store for warranty.

Due to this factor, every customer prefers to choose and use the Vitamix 750 product even though its warranty period is only 7 years.

Vitamix V1200 has built-in timer technology
Vitamix V1200 has built-in timer technology

Vitamix 750 vs V1200 – Similarities

When comparing, the first factor we consider is the difference, but an equally important factor is the similarity between them.

There are a few similarities between these two products such as dishwasher-safe, self-cleaning, and cooling fan features. These features make it easy for your blender to be efficient and incredibly smooth.

Dishwasher-safe and self-cleaning features will assist you in cleaning the machine in a very clean way, the cooling fan function will help your machine cool down when operating for a long time.

The machine also has a few additional similar features, such as the 10 variable speeds, the same size and type of blade, the pulse button, and the same horsepower motor.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 750

No products found.

  • There are five pre-programmed settings: smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, puree, and self-cleaning.
  • Not bulky.
  • Lighter weight than V1200.
  • The size is larger than the V1200 version.
  • The cord length is not too short like the Vitamix V1200.
  • Do not pay any fee when warranty.
  • No digital timer feature.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix V1200

No products found.

  • There is the digital timer feature.
  • The manufacturer supports self-detect containers.
  • The warranty period is up to 1 decade.
  • There are no pre-programmed settings.
  • Having a smaller size than the 750 version.
  • The cord length is too short.
  • Charge the last three years of the device’s warranty.
  • Heavier than Vitamix 750.
  • The device is very cumbersome.

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