Vitamix 750 vs 780 Review: Comparing Texture Quality, Programmability & Ease Of Use In Two Vitamix Blenders Of The Same Model Series

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Having had a chance to test and compare both the Vitamix 750 vs 780, I found only a single point of difference between these two almost-identical blenders. This has to do with the design of the Vitamix 780 as it features a touchscreen display. While the Vitamix 750 features a standard speed dial and switches.

Talking about the performance and blending results, everything else about both high-quality, superior blenders is the same. This includes the 64-ounce blending jar, 10-speed dial, 5 blending modes, self-cleaning mode, and Pulse feature.

Both are the best choices for blending creamy, grain-free, lump-free, and appetizing smoothies, soups, purees, frozen desserts, nut butters, and lots more. They are fast and durable with a cooling fan that is supportive of prolonged use – even for hot soup!

Vitamix 750 vs 780: Comparision Chart

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Vitamix 750 vs 780: Differences

The Vitamix 780 is better than the Vitamix 750 (1 – 0) to the extent that it features a touchscreen display while the 750 comes with the classic switch and dial control panel. No LED display and touchscreen interface.

1. Utilities

The Winner: Vitamix 780

Vitamix 780 Utilities
Vitamix 780 Utilities

+Control Panel

Perhaps the only noticeable difference between the Vitamix 750 vs 780 is the feature that one uses a lot in a blender: the control panel. It’s what you use to adjust the speed, set the blending mode, and start and stop the blending.

And in the case of Vitamix 750 and 780, as they feature not only 10 variable speeds but 5 different blending modes, the control panel is an essential territory. And the Vitamix 780 wins because it offers a sleeker and more intuitive panel with LED Touchscreen. Meanwhile, the Vitamix 750 is more basic, perhaps more down to earth with its Pulse button and dial settings.

On the left side of the 780, you have the blending modes that you only need to tap and adjust. On the right is the speed level indicator and bar that shows you what speed you’re blending on. The 780 also features a Pulse setting that, by default, offers compressed bursts of high blending power.

On the 750, you have the basic control panel layout. The Pulse switch on the left-hand side. The speed dial with all blending modes in the center and the start/stop button on the right side. It’s pretty straightforward and convenient.

In comparison, however, I preferred using the 780’s touchscreen because I’m a bit of a gadget nut. And anything that looks refined and rich is right up my alley. If that’s the case with you too, go for the 780.

Vitamix 750 vs 780: Similarities

1. Power

Vitamix 780 Power
Vitamix 780 Power

Both blenders feature the same motor rating – 2.2 horsepower. This, in comparison to their predecessor, is 10% more powerful. The stainless steel blades, measuring 4 inches, feature a laser-cut and durable edge. And coupled with the power, the blades are able to crush ice or churn butter without losing their sharpness or speed.

Even when the blades come in contact with dry and hard ingredients, they make it a point to run through the tiniest of ingredients without making the texture grainy.

My research tells me that both blenders run at a steady speed of over Twenty-Four Thousand RPM which is the ideal margin for blending smoothies, making hot soup, pureeing vegetables for sauces, marinades, and for crushing ice.

2. Blender Container

Vitamix Blender Container
Vitamix Blender Container

The Vitamix 750 and 780 are compatible and large blenders for everyday use. Now a solo user may not benefit from this machine especially if you’re NOT planning to make large batches of blends at a time. In that case, I’d go for something smaller like a 32- or 48-ounce blender.

But if you have BIG plans for this blender in relation to size, 64 ounces work perfectly.

Size-wise, the base and height of the pitcher are comfortable. Not too tall or broad so that it’s inconvenient to keep on the countertop.

In comparison to previous blender models, the Vitamix 750 and 780 feature a 17.2-inch pitcher that’s not too tall. Previous blenders were around 20 to 21 inches tall. So that’s a considerable decrease in height which makes storage and portability easier.

The container (in both blenders) is suitable for dry and wet ingredients. Made of BPA-free plastic which is shatterproof and dishwasher-safe. And for the size, 4-inch stainless steel blades are a perfect match. It ensures smooth and grain-free blending without any remnants of lumps or chunks in your recipe.

3. Speed/Programmability

Vitamix Pro 750 Speeds
Vitamix Pro 750 Speeds

 Here’s what a 10 variable speed setting can do:

Starting from the lowest speed, you can blend smoothies and fruit juices within seconds.

Take things up a notch and you can blend more fibrous ingredients with softer ones. It is right in the middle that you can also mix batters, dressing, and dough without overdoing the texture which is supposed to be a certain way.

And higher speeds are suitable for everything including nut butters, purees, sauces, ice drinks, mashed potatoes, and marinades.

Having selectable blending speeds allow flexibility and room for experimentation. Because there is a possibility that you can excessively mush or liquefy your food, having control over speed lets you avoid mistakes easily.

On top of 10 variable speeds, both Vitamix 750 and 780 also feature 5 blending modes at the touch of a button. These are pre-programmed settings with their own, unique blending speed starting with a smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and puree.

The 5th setting is a cleaning mode that allows you to add warm water and a few drops of dish soap. The machine blends that to get rid of any scraps of food stuck under the blades.

4. Utilities

Using a blender for the first time or for the hundredth time, additional accessories always come in handy. And the Vitamix offers a whole range of helpful features and tools for you to use. And the 750 and 780 offer the same package as well: a 7-year warranty, thermal protection sensor with auto-off safety, plastic tamper, a cookbook, and a secure lid for storage.

The tamper ensures that you push everything down toward the blades to avoid lumps. And it also comes in handy while scooping out the blend from around the blades which, for me, is always a tough spot where a simple spoon cannot reach. Every last drop I can empty out using the tamper, it’s quite helpful.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 780

No products found.

  • Easy to use touchscreen panel with LED indicator lights.
  • Quality of texture is smooth and consistent.
  • Quick cleaning with self-cleaning feature.
  • You can easily keep it on your kitchen counter.
  • Long-term warranty on all parts and features.
  • Versatile speed settings with 5 pre-programmed blends.
  • It can make large quantities within minutes.
  • Touchscreen surface is easier to wipe and keep spotless.
  • Limited stock availability.
  • Not compatible for solo use.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 750

No products found.

  • It can blend frozen fruits in a matter of seconds.
  • Low speed is consistent and powerful.
  • Comfortable size and lightweight for storage. 
  • Well-built, low-profile 64-ounce container with a tamper.
  • Some parts are dishwasher-safe with self-cleaning mode.
  • Thermal protection sensor and cooling fan.
  • You can use it 2-3 times a day!
  • No touchscreen display like 780.
  • It may be too big for a single person.

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