Vitamix A2300 Vs 750 Review: Choose Modern Updates Or Stableness?

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Discover the reason for Vitamix Pro 750 is better for long-term use and how convenient the updates Vitamix A2300 is.

As a person who enjoys making fun in the kitchen for creating new recipes, I always want to experience more and more cooking tools, such as blenders. Yes, I love Vitamix, so it’s easy to find Vitamix’ products here. 

As you know, Vitamix has developed new series for their blender, and I found that the ascent series and the pro series are such an exciting battle to compare. So, what are the typical blenders? For me, no doubt for recommending Vitamix A2300 Vs 750. 

So, what’s the reason that makes Vitamix Pro 750 became the winner? What’s the feature in it that encourages me to buy immediately? Unquestionably, the stableness and the power in long-term use are the bottom lines. No doubt what effective this product is, but more than that, the less-noisy sound and convenient programmed settings are also brilliant features for purchasing.

Moreover, Vitamix Pro 750 is widespread, and it’s not hard to find many reliable reviews around the world. Though this blender has varied thinking worldwide, which means many people judge it, the total rate is still high. Not a bad idea to buy, right?

Vitamix A2300, as a runner-up, is also a good choice. This is truly a must-have blender if you want to discover something new due to its updates that only have in the new series like Ascent. Self-detect Technology and Digital Timer for controlling the batches you wish to and keeping track of the time, but you can also connect to Vitamix Perfect Blend AppUnlock for both more recipes without problems of finding how much material is suitable.

Deciding which is the best option is truly a hard job because my impression of Vitamix A2300 and Vitamix Pro 750 is nearly equal. I will not keep you waiting any longer. Let’s go into detail.

Vitamix A2300 Vs 750: Comparison Chart

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Vitamix A2300 Vs 750: Differences

Not hard to realize that Vitamix A2300 has more advanced updates than Vitamix Pro 750. But in general, Vitamix Pro 750 still stands out because of its stableness during long-time use. Besides, the motor base also didn’t create any scary sound most time when I blended with it. About Vitamix A2300, honestly, I didn’t use these updated functions regularly, and the beginning to turn on them usually took a little more time than I thought. 

Blending Performance

The winner: Vitamix Pro 750

These two Vitamix A2300 and Vitamix Pro 750 astound me with their powerful motor bases, but if you’re looking for a blender to use in the kitchen for a long time, I highly recommend Vitamix Pro 750.


I absolutely love Vitamix because of its powerful motor base and design. Let’s take a closer look at these blenders. The materials gave me a good impression. No cheap plastics, no low-quality parts. I can feel how solid these motor bases are when I give them a slight beating. The design is also a good point that needs to be mentioned. I’m sure the one who prefers the simple lifestyle will be wholeheartedly in love with the white and black tone of these two blenders, though the only problem is Vitamix A2300 has a big pitcher, and Vitamix 750 is the lid tends to overflow if too many items are put in the container.

OK, let’s consider the power of these two. Both Vitamix A2300 and Vitamix Pro 750 have a 2.2 horsepower motor base and a 4-inch blade for more effectiveness. Any fruits or vegetables easily blend in just less than one minute. Their motor bases even can handle without a mistake with butter, dough, or ice. 


I’ve used Vitamix Pro 750 for around 7 years, and now it’s still working well and has become my right-hand assistant. No big problems have happened during my using time. Not only me, but it also isn’t difficult to find the same opinion worldwide on eCommerce websites or personal blogs.

About Vitamix A2300, I don’t deny this is really a strong blender with many interesting modern functions, giving it a new experience than Vitamix Pro 750. But there are still some complaints about a small crack that appears after more than half-year use. My blender doesn’t have to deal with this problem, but my advances are still for Vitamix Pro 750.

Controls / Settings

Vitamix Pro 750: Controls
Vitamix Pro 750: Controls

The winner: Vitamix Pro 750

The functions of Vitamix A2300, one of the products in the Ascent series, make it almost a kitchen tool. Yes, if you’re an experienced blender user, this blender will be ideal for you. These updates are good, but not great enough for me to exclaim, “Wow, totally brilliant idea, a must-buy-once in my life!” Don’t get me wrong: I still value these features greatly. 

Vitamix Pro 750, though doesn’t have as many features as Vitamix A2300 does, the 5 preset programmed settings is just enough. It saved my time and is being my most helpful assistant.

+Preset Program

Are you unsure what is the most suitable speed and time for new recipes? Allow the Vitamix 750’s preset program to handle everything for you. These blending modes handle a variety of blending functions, including smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, and purees. It also has a Pulse setting for even more powerful blending. Simply holding down the pulse sends 50% more power to the blades. Wonderful, right?

Vitamix A2300 doesn’t have this, but the below function may surprise you.

+Digital Timer

This feature is exclusive to Vitamix A2300 and makes everything more convenient and easier. Simply set the speed and let it run because the seconds-digital timer will begin automatically once you turn it on. However, Vitamix Pro 750 without this function appears to have no significant disadvantages because other users do not require a function that only counts the time.

+Self-detect Technology

The A2300 is a member of the Ascent Series and features Self-Detect technology, which is the feature that the older series like Vitamix Pro 750 doesn’t have. The machine can detect which container is on the bottom and adjust the blend settings accordingly thanks to this technology. You’re concerned about which way to go for a small group of people because the 64-ounces is so large. Purchase an additional container and leave everything for this blender.

The only issue Vitamix needs to address is the amount of time it takes users to detect. It’s also difficult to use the Blending Cup and the Blending Bowls. It’s challenging to get it to work because the magnets had to be twisted so tightly for the motor to be triggered, and it also stopped working mid-cycle because the cup had to be twisted even tighter.


Vitamix A2300: Utilities
Vitamix A2300: Utilities

The winner: Vitamix A2300

What makes Vitamix A2300 take a good point is its dishwasher safe and lighter than Vitamix Pro 750, allowing you the ability to store and control easier. Besides, it has an extra 3-year warranty at a lower price.


As you may know, BPA-free co-polyester is professional-grade and extremely strong. The container of the Vitamix A2300 is made of BPA-free co-polyester, making the high impact function is more reliable.

The Vitamix Pro 750 has a thick plastic container that is as clear as glass. It’s very heavy, but it’s also very solid because it’s shatterproof. I was very pleased the first time I touched it. Furthermore, when exposed to different temperatures, BPA material can prevent cancer-promoting chemicals. This material is an excellent choice for long-term applications and an active lifestyle.

Aside from that, the similarity between them is each has a 64-ounce jar. This is a perfect choice for large batches. 

+Noise Level

I totally recommend Vitamix Pro 750 because of this feature. No headache sounds like other blenders that used to make my ears be hurt. Take a closer look! The motor base is plastic-free! Even some modern models that were born after a few years since the day Vitamix 750 first appeared can’t beat it. Unquestionably why this product is always appreciated as one of the smoothest blenders.

Though Vitamix A2300 is still louder, it doesn’t create scary noise like other Vitamix blenders. Thanks to its stainless parts, the sound isn’t as high as it makes you tired, and at the rate that I can accept. 

+Wireless Connectivity with Vitamix Perfect Blend AppUnlock

Again, this feature is only equipped in Vitamix A2300, but it isn’t really good. The advertising sounds like this unit allows wireless pairing with the app, but the truth is a stand-alone unit. 

+Maintain and Cleaning

Vitamix A2300 is lighter than Vitamix Pro 750, which means you can move this blender freer. Furthermore, most parts are dishwasher safe. Compared with Vitamix Pro 750, it’s a difficult task when you want to clean the lid. In addition, it also injures your fingers while cleaning.


In this comparison, I prefer the Vitamix A3500. It is superior in terms of utilities because it has a longer warranty. Its parts are guaranteed for ten years, making the extra cost I must pay worthwhile. I have nothing to complain about because the warranty on this blender is three years longer than the warranty on the Vitamix 750.

Vitamix A2300: Ten variable controls
Vitamix A2300: Ten variable controls

Vitamix A2300 Vs 750: Similarities

Ten variable controls

10 variable speed enables you to be proactive in selecting your own speed, saving you time and effort by changing the speed depending on how much time and consistency you require.

Self-cleaning mode

Both blenders have self-cleaning functions. The only thing you need to do is add warm water and a few drops of dish soap to the blender, choose the cleaning mode, and wait 30 seconds. Then, you can sit back and relax or do other things while the self-cleaning mode does its job.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix Pro 750

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  • Having 5 automatic programmed settings that allow you no need to waste too much time.
  • The stableness is impressive. This model can work well without any significant problems.
  • One of the low-noise blenders, which make me fall in love.
  • The more 2 ft cord length for more flexibility.
  • Lid is hard to get on and off, overflows easily, and is difficult to clean
  • It doesn’t have dishwasher safe and other updatings like Vitamix A2300

Quick Rundown of Vitamix A2300

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  • Ten-Year Full Warranty, the noticeable feature when compared with Vitamix Pro 750.
  • The noise doesn’t increase so much even when you turn on a higher speed.
  • Adjusting batches and time isn’t a nightmare anymore thanks to smart updates that only the Ascent series has.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • These updates still have some issues. Digital Timer isn’t really helpful, while Self-detect Technology and Wireless Connection take too much time to turn on.

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