Vitamix A3500 Vs Pro 750 Review: The Professional Grade Vs The Ascent Grade, Which Is More Stable And Durable?

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You’re updating your kitchen but are conflicted because there are so many new blenders released each year? Or has your old blender simply broken after a long period of use? Vitamix blenders are unquestionably a good brand, but you’re still concerned about which model and product are best suited to your needs.

So, today, I’ll show you the two premium products – Vitamix A3500 vs Pro 750 – that have recently piqued my interest, not only because of their qualities and functions but also because these blenders are the quietest among Vitamix products.

The most obvious difference between them is that the Vitamix A3500 appears to have more modern functions than the Vitamix Pro 750. However, because of its stability and durability, I prefer the Vitamix Pro 750. It’s also simple to use and assemble, and it has a powerful motor base.

The Vitamix A3500, the runner-up, is brilliant with its wireless connectivity and has a count up and count down timer. It also has access to 17 different blending programs thanks to Vitamix’s Perfect Blend App. Despite the fact that all blenders in the Ascent series have these features, the Vitamix A3500 is still one of the best options for you.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper to see what makes them unique, and then decide which product is best for you.

Vitamix A3500 Vs Pro 750: Comparison Chart

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Vitamix A3500 Vs Pro 750: Differences

Vitamix Pro 750 defeats Vitamix A3500 3-2.

In general, the Vitamix A3500 stands out due to the notable updating function found in the majority of Ascent series products. Meanwhile, the Vitamix 750 has improved in terms of stability, durability, and also convenience After careful consideration, I believe the Vitamix 750 is more deserving of the winner’s position. A blender that works without error and can be used for long periods of time is undoubtedly more comfortable than a multi-function blender that isn’t really stable, right?

Blending Performance

The winner: Vitamix Pro 750


The outcome of this factor reveals a tie.

The Vitamix A3500 and 750 both have a 2.2 horsepower motor base and a 4-inch blade. Higher-powered motors, as you may be aware, can improve the efficiency of both food and beverage preparation. It’s very easy to compare just by looking at the texture and the result. Chefs recommend at least 1.0 horsepower for sharp materials like ice, and both blenders have a twice-as-powerful motor! My heart is completely won over by the end result of the blending. The ice is completely blended, with no unblended pieces. It takes less than a minute to make nut butter, and it tastes and is healthier than store-bought nut butter.


When compared to the Vitamix 750, the A3500 appears to have more errors, and it can cause you to blow your top by the time you turn on the base. Purchasing this product is akin to gambling. If fortune does not smile on you, you will have to deal with a variety of issues, such as self-cleaning errors, blending errors that cause the base to stop, and so on. In any case, this situation occurs only if you purchase a faulty product.

There are fewer complaints about purchasing a faulty product with the Vitamix 750. Even some users, such as myself, have become devoted to the Vitamix 750. I’ve used the Vitamix 750 without incident, except when it’s difficult to get the lid on and off.

Controls / Settings

Vitamix A3500 uses a touch-screen control panel
Vitamix A3500 uses a touch-screen control panel

The winner: Vitamix A3500

The advantage is slightly taken for Vitamix A3500 because Vitamix 750 doesn’t have these modern features. Most blenders of the Ascent series have these brilliant updatings, which make tasks are more lightening. The only one I don’t appreciate much is Control Panel. Let’s take a look at what’s make Vitamix A3500 special.

+Digital Timer

The first perfect feature that the Vitamix 750 lacks will assist you in staying on track by allowing you to set the blending time to avoid standing and manually holding the button yourself. You can achieve the desired texture of your blending without making it too thin or thick.

+Self-detect Technology

The A3500 is part of the Ascent Series and features Self-Detect technology. This technology enables the machine to determine which container is on the base and adjust blend settings accordingly. Certain programs are automatically disabled if the incorrect container is used, and the machine will not power on until the correct container is seated on the motor base.

+Control Panel 

The touch-screen control panel on the Vitamix A3500 makes it appear more modern than those with rocker switches. To be honest, it’s not very convenient. To make them work, you must make sure your hands are clean, dry, and warm.

Things become easier to control with the Vitamix 750’s rocker switches and dial. Simply dial the button at the desired speed without the complex to keep your hand dry.


The winner: It’s a tie.

Vitamix A3500 Vs Pro 750 has its own advantage and weakness. I’ll mention it in detail below.


The 64-ounce container in two blenders is ideal for blending medium to large batches. This capacity can handle up to 8 cups of blended ingredients, and I could have fit two more servings in the pitcher without issue. You can buy a smaller container for fitting your need. Don’t worry because Vitamix A3500 has Self-detect Technology.

For Vitamix A3500, the container is made of BPA-free Tritan which is a kind of plastic. It’s is heavy and so quality plastic, that’s why I’m so satisfied. Vitamix 750’s container is made of BPA-free plastic, which is also sturdy and solid. Both are robust for shatterproof purposes. Even more, BPA material can prevent cancer-promoting chemicals when exposed to different temperatures. This material is a smart choice for long-term uses and a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamix Pro 750 has 5 preset programs & 10 different speeds
Vitamix Pro 750 has 5 preset programs & 10 different speeds

+Cleaning and Maintaining

Every part of Vitamix A3500 is dishwasher-safe, while Vitamix 750 is none. Both are a bit inconvenient for storing because of the big container and motor base, but cleaning is super fast in just seconds by adding a little soap.

+Wireless Connectivity

The Vitamix A3500 can be used in conjunction with the Vitamix Perfect Blend App, which includes 17 programs and over 500 recipes. Thanks to this feature, anyone can easily make a great smoothie, hot soup, or whatever dessert they desire. Simply wait and use a click-through app on your smartphone. I don’t usually use this benefit, but it’s still awesome.


The Vitamix A3500 is superior in utilities because it comes with a longer warranty. Its parts are guaranteed for ten years, which is three years longer than the warranty on the Vitamix 750.

Vitamix A3500 Vs Pro 750: Similarities

Preset Program and 10 Variable Setting

This is a very clever feature that I noticed the first time I saw it, and it does not irritate me at all! Many office-related tasks are pressing down on you, and you’re at a loss for how to deal with them. Or are you unsure how to regulate the speed of your blender when making milkshakes or smoothies? Allow the preset program to take care of everything. These blending modes can handle various blending tasks, such as smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, and purees.

Furthermore, the Vitamix 750 and A3500 both have 10 variable speed settings, corresponding to the variable setting you’ve chosen. This feature allows you to handle your cooking task independently if you need to.

Noise Level

The two blenders are made of high-quality stainless steel, and they are really not commercial in any way. Although the two are still loud at full speed, they are the quietest of the Vitamix blenders. Furthermore, the significant noise level difference between them is hard to compare, so you don’t need to concern too much about this.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix Pro 750

No products found.

  • Having both program speed and variable speed gives me not only convenience but also allows me to control blending chores on my own
  • Works well without any big problems. This one is slightly more stable and durable than Vitamix A3500
  • Less noisy thanks to stainless parts
  • It’s difficult to get the lid on and off
  • It doesn’t have Self-detect Technology and other updatings like Vitamix A3500

Quick Rundown of Vitamix A3500

No products found.

  • Reliable motor power that allows it to do what it was designed to do with comfortable
  • Has additional modern updates for lightening tasks
  • The touch controls are a notable feature when considering with Vitamix pro 750
  • Errors occur recently than Vitamix 750
  • Be inconvenient to use touch-screen control panel
  • More expensive than Vitamix 750

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