Vitamix V1200 vs 7500: Check The Differences And Similarities To Know Why I Recommend Vitamix V1200

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In this post, I will have an in-depth discussion of the Vitamix V1200 vs 7500 to see which of them would be a great addition to our kitchen.

Well, based on my experience, I will pick the Vitamix V1200 as the better blender between the two. It is a smart blender with a smart motor, wireless connectivity, and a count-up timer that makes blending stress-free. The self-detect container, more warranty time, and more accessories make it the best. 

The Vitamix 7500 from G-series is also worth buying. It also has a powerful motor like the v1200 that can blend almost anything you put in it. It is a good choice if you want to save a little bit of money.

Vitamix v1200 vs 7500: Comparison Chart

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Vitamix v1200 vs 7500: Differences

In this comparison match, the Vitamix v1200 won by 3-1 over the Vitamix 7500. It is the better buy with a smarter motor, an included self-detect cup & bow, wireless connectivity, and a digital timer that lacks the Vitamix 7500. Moreover, it has a more extended warranty. In contrast, the 7500 will save you a little bit of money. 

1. Blending Performance

The Winner: Vitamix v1200

+ Motor

The Vitamix v1200 and 7500 contain the same 2.2 HP blending power. This is sufficient to handle even the toughest of ingredients.

 If only looking at the 2.2 HP number, we would think the motors of these two blenders are the same. So what is the difference here? Luckily for me, I have experienced both of these blenders to realize that difference.

I realise that the Vitamix v1200’s motor is a smart motor. The motor housing can detect the container size you attach to, then adjust the program, and maximum bending time according. 

+ Self-detect Cup & Bowl

The Vitamix's motor base automatically recognizes the Self-detect Cup & Bowl and adjusts program settings and maximum blend times.
The Vitamix’s motor base automatically recognizes the Self-detect Cup & Bowl and adjusts program settings and maximum blend times.

As I said above, the motor base of the Vitamix v1200 can detect the container size. That is because it has a built-in NFC (near-field communication) chip that can communicate with the NFC tag on the containers to adjust the operating settings. So the Vitamix V1200 can use the 20-oz and 8-oz blending cups just by locking them to the base without using any bulky personal adapters. 

This self-detect technology helps the blender adjust the blending times according to each container size. The motor automatically stops after 6½ minutes if it’s the full-size 64 oz container, 7 ½ minutes if it is 48-oz, and 1¼ minutes if it is 8-oz and 20-oz containers. The technology really helped me several times when I forgot to keep an eye on my blender. Now I will never have to worry about the blend being over-blended. 

In contrast, there is no self-detect feature included in the Vitamix 7500. Vitamix 7500 only provides a 64-oz container. Therefore, if you want to blend with the single-serve cups (20-oz and 8-oz), you’ll have to use a personal adapter. 

2. Controls/Settings

The Winner: Vitamix v1200

+ Wireless Connectivity 

We can control the Vitamix v1200 via the Vitamix perfect blend app.
We can control the Vitamix v1200 via the Vitamix perfect blend app.

Vitamix v1200 is a smart blender with a wireless connectivity feature, but Vitamix 7500 doesn’t include this function. The V1200 motor base will automatically recognize the container size whenever you attach any container. That’s what I said in the last part. 

As we can see, neither of the two machines has the default preset blending programs. However, the Vitamix V1200 comes with Bluetooth connectivity, using which we can send up to 17 different programs and other commands via the Vitamix app.

+ Digital timer

With the Vitamix v1200, you can reduce your guesswork for recipes by using the built-in digital timer. The time for your recipe is displayed on the screen, and you won’t have to worry about over-blending or under-blending.

Vitamix 7500 does not have this function, so you have to carefully guess and watch the blender to make sure that everything is working correctly. 

The built-in digital timer is a very convenient feature that makes cooking easy and allows the mix to get the right texture every time.
The built-in digital timer is a very convenient feature that makes cooking easy and allows the mix to get the right texture every time.

3. Other Utilities

The winner: Vitamix v1200

+ Warranty 

When it comes to the warranty, Vitamix v1200 is better as it has a 10-year full warranty while the 7500 offers a 7-year full warranty. As long as the blenders are still under warranty, the manufacturer will cover any manufacturer-related issues and pay for the two-way shipment cost.

I know that 7 years or 10 years both is a very long time. But clearly, 10 is still longer than 7, right? So it means you won’t have to spend money when the blender is damaged itself for a bit longer. 

+ Goodies/The Accessories

I must say “wow” because the Vitamix V1200 box contains lots of accessories: a motor housing, a blade base, a cookbook, a 64-oz container, a self-detect bowl (20-oz), a self-detect cup (8-oz), a tamper holder, a low-profile tamper, and a blade scraper. I feel like it has almost everything I need to get my blending to go smoothly.

Meanwhile, the Vitamix 7500 only comes with the user manual, motor housing, a low-profile tamper, a cookbook, and a 64-oz low-profile container. The 8-oz bowl and 20-oz cup are not available, so you have to buy them separately if you want. 

Again, I would recommend choosing the Vitamix v1200 since it comes with more accessories than Vitamix 7500, making your blending experience much more amazing and convenient. 

4. Price

The winner: Vitamix 7500

We all know that Vitamix is ​​a brand that is not for everyone. The company provides high-end kitchen products, but they are also worth the money they cost. What I am trying to say is that the Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix v1200 are expensive, we have to admit, but you’ll find them well worth the investment and effective in the long run. 

Both products can satisfy you perfectly, from the quality of materials and motor to the blending quality. You will be able to use the machine for decades to come without having to make another purchase.

However, in the price comparison of only the Vitamix V1200 and the Vitamix 7500, the 7500 will be the winner because it saves you a little money. 

Remember, I’m choosing the winner just based on which is the cheaper product. In fact, though the Vitamix V1200 is a bit more expensive than the 7500, I will still choose it because the v1200 has the technologies that I have analyzed above and includes convenient accessories. In addition, it comes with a 10-year warranty, while its counterpart has only a 7-year warranty. This also helps you save money because of not having to pay warranty fees for a longer time, agree?

Vitamix v1200 vs 7500: Similarities

Although Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 6500 are members of different model series, they both come from the legendary Vitamix brand anyway. As a result, it is certain that they will have some similarities. 

The motor of both blenders is 2.2 HP that powerful enough to blend, grind almost anything from soft to harsh ingredients.

Vitamix v1200 and 7500 both come with 10 variable speed levels.
Vitamix v1200 and 7500 both come with 10 variable speed levels.

About controls and settings, Vitamix v1200 and 7500 come with 10 variable speed levels and pulse mode that allow your blending to achieve the ideal texture you want. We can change the speed even when the blending is in process. 

Quick Rundown of Vitamix v1200

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  • It has some smart features: digital timer, wireless connectivity, self-detect container that makes blending stress-free
  • The motor is smart and powerful with 2.2HP that can handle almost any blending task
  • Equipped with various useful Vitamix accessories
  • It has long warranty
  • Setting the timer takes too long
  • Food debris can get stuck between buttons and make cleaning them more difficult

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 7500

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  • It has a classic look
  • The 2.2 HP motor is powerful enough to blend evenly whether the ingredients are ice or spinach leaves.
  • The 64-oz low-profile container can fit perfectly into a kitchen cabinet
  • Works with both wet and dry blades
  • The 7500 does not have any blending presets, which might be an inconvenience for some users
  • Particles of food can get stuck between the switches
  • It has no smart features

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