Vitamix 7500 vs Ninja Professional Review: Which Is Better? This Blender Can Mince, Chop, Blend, Crush & Do Lots More At The Touch Of A Button

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Between Vitamix 7500 vs Ninja Professional, the former does a better job of blending everything and making hundreds of recipes than the Ninja Professional. And it does this better than most other blenders on the market which is a good justification for its higher price. The Ninja Professional is a basic model with fewer speeds and a less powerful motor capability.

If you face more difficulties in your old blender-mixer when making unique recipes, the Vitamix 7500 should be your next buy. It’s elegant-looking, sturdy, and powerful. It can make smoothies, sauces, crushed ice, frozen drinks, ice cream, homemade chili, and lots more.

The Ninja Professional can blend wet, dry, thin, and thick ingredients comfortably. It is also a functional machine with 4 manual speed settings and a large blending capacity. But it’s not better than the Vitamix 7500 that is more rugged, versatile, and satisfying than the Ninja.

Vitamix 7500 vs Ninja Professional: Comparision Chart

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Vitamix 7500 vs Ninja Professional: Differences

The Vitamix 7500 takes the prize 3 – 1 for its superb functionality, satisfying texture quality, and durable design. It blends smoother consistencies, has more intricate control over speed, and it is of good value between power and price.

1. Blending Performance

The Winner: Vitamix 7500

Vitamix 7500 Blending Performance
Vitamix 7500 Blending Performance

+Motor Performance

The Vitamix 7500 comes with a more powerful motor than the Ninja Professional. In my testing of the motor, I found that it’s a much more stable and efficient blender, with a 1,440W motor. The Ninja Professional, on the other hand, features a 1,000W motor.

This affects the RPM of the blender, and being more powerful than the Ninja, the 1,400W can produce up to 37,000 RPM. This power is very uncommon in standard kitchen blenders. It works like a commercial-grade blender, especially with its 1-10 variable speed mechanism.

This makes the Vitamix 7500 able to blend every ingredient you can possibly turn to a creamy texture. In comparison, the Ninja Professional is relatively less power-driven for crushing ice and chopping vegetables. But it can still make hundreds of recipes from smoothies to juices to frozen drinks, salad dressing, etc.

2. Controls / Programmability

The Winner: Vitamix 7500

Vitamix 7500 Programmability
Vitamix 7500 Programmability

+Variable Speeds

The Vitamix 7500 is one of the simplest yet advanced blenders to use when you compare it with the Ninja Professional. It has 10 variable speeds with a pulse feature and rotary dial to control the manual speeds. It may not have certain pre-programmed blending modes, like many other Vitamix blenders, for smoothies, hot soup, frozen desserts. But when compared with the Ninja Professional, it’s certainly more superior.

The Ninja Professional has 4 manual speeds with a pulse button. It does not feature a rotary dial to control the manual speeds but buttons with Low, Medium, and High settings.

With that in mind, the Ninja is intuitive in that it allows automatic speed adjustments for specific recipes like smoothies, frozen treats, frozen drinks, and sauces/dips. You can use it as if it has these auto-presets.

But in terms of programmability, it’s definitely lacking in options against the Vitamix 7500.

3. Cleaning / Maintenance

The Winner: Ninja Professional BL601

Ninja Professional BL601 Maintenance
Ninja Professional BL601 Maintenance

+Blending Capacity

The blending capacity of the Vitamix 7500 is 64 ounces maximum. This is accommodative of all recipes that Vitamix can make: smoothies, soups, sauces, dressings, dips, batters, butter, dough, etc.

The 64-ounce capacity, for most people, is a convenient feature. Most fitting for large families and for solo use if you want to make a large serving of smoothie with lots of fiber-rich and nutritious ingredients.

The Ninja Professional features a slightly adjustable blending size – 64 to 72 ounces. Not all recipes can be made up to 72 ounces per serving, only recipes that aren’t too liquidy and so have no risk of leaking or spilling can be made.

You can make smoothies and juices up to 64 ounces which is the same as the Vitamix. So despite the larger capacity of the Ninja Professional, smoothies and juices are the same. But you can blend other ingredients up to 72 ounces: purees, crushed ice, frozen treats, sauces, dips, and salad dressing.


The Ninja Professional is more lightweight than the Vitamix 7500. It weighs less than 9 pounds while the Vitamix weighs 12.5 pounds. And even for a lightweight blender, the Ninja Professional is powerful enough to crush ice, make smoothies, and puree thick vegetables easily.

The motor base is not too bulky. It’s of the same dimensions as the Vitamix 7500. So it’s easier to move around the kitchen platform, considering the shorter cord wrap. The lightweight construction makes it easier to clean, with strong and sturdy blades, and a dishwasher-safe blender jar.  

Speaking of which…

+Dishwasher-safe parts

The Vitamix 7500 does not have a dishwasher-friendly blender jar, lid, or tamper. But the Ninja Professional does. While the Vitamix 7500 is simple enough to clean. You can run a self-clean cycle with warm water and dish soap, for 60 seconds, to avoid scooping out scraps from under the blades. Rinsing and dishwashing the Ninja Professional saves more time for the busy cook.

For any kitchen appliance that is large and powerful as the Vitamix or Ninja, dishwasher-friendly and removable parts are much faster to clean. You don’t have to expend too much energy in cleaning, especially after making tricky recipes like butter, creamy smoothies, or chunky salsa.

4. Utilities

The Winner: Vitamix 7500

Vitamix 7500 Utilities
Vitamix 7500 Utilities


The Vitamix 7500 comes with a 7-year warranty which is better for any kitchen appliance for long-term use. You can make the most of all its parts and fast functionality without worrying about paying to repair damaged parts.

But, on the Ninja Professional, this is not the case. It has a very standard and common warranty period of 1 year which is disappointing for a kitchen blender. But you can extend the warranty by paying a little extra.


The cord wrap of the Vitamix is almost twice as long as the Ninja Professional. Right now, this may not seem like a significant distinction to you. But when you have a long countertop and only a few electric sockets, the last thing you want to do is move things around to accommodate a blender.

So the 6 feet cord feels like a blessing because it allows you to keep the Vitamix in one place whether it’s being used or not. The longer cord has another advantage – you can use it on your kitchen table or island.

The 3.2 feet cord of the Ninja Professional does feel relatively inconvenient and limited.

Vitamix 7500 vs Ninja Professional: Similarities

1. Pulse feature

Both the Vitamix and Ninja Professional come with a special pulse feature. This pulse feature allows you to reach a smoother and creamier texture without blending for a longer time. You can press and hold the pulse button (on both blenders) to manually control the blending time. Release the button when you want the blending to stop.

According to my research, 4 pulses at a time for 1-2 seconds each can create a texture for pesto sauce. Grinding almonds with a few quick pulses is also possible. Plus, you can whip up cream, mix batters without lumps, or grind coffee beans with the pulse feature. It’s very convenient for quick and accurate blending.

2. Smooth Blending

Vitamix Smooth Blending
Vitamix Smooth Blending

The most important thing that people look for in a kitchen blender is: can it blend a smoothie consistently? The results from both these blenders are positive and reliable. They produce some of the most deliciously creamy and consistent smoothie textures. And the speed settings on both blenders do an excellent job of making it easier for you to press and blend within a matter of seconds.

For smoothies, the Ninja Professional offers plenty of power. While the Vitamix 7500 is the strongest performer of them all. I don’t see why you shouldn’t pick the Ninja Professional for making smoothies at home.

3. 64-Ounce Jar

Vitamix 7500 64-Ounce Jar
Vitamix 7500 64-Ounce Jar

Both blenders come with 64-ounce jars. Though the Ninja Professional is as tall as a 72-ounce jar, it can only blend smoothies or any liquids up to 64 ounces. It can turn thick and choppy ingredients into a creamy blend in less than a minute. Be it pineapple, nuts, shreds, or ice.

The 64-ounce capacity is spacious enough to blend everything without lumps or chunks. And the jars come with handles that make pouring and cleaning simple.

The walls of the jar are convenient and prevent clogging. So even though both blenders come with tampers, you won’t have to use them very often unless you’re making ice cream or a smoothie bowl.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 7500

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  • Low-profile 64-ounce blender jar takes up minimal space.
  • You can easily self-cleaning the interior and blades.
  • The pulse feature is powerful and consistent.
  • Accurate speed control with 10 settings.
  • It is a very powerful blender with, a 1440W motor.
  • Cooling fan and auto shut-off feature included. 
  • Not as easy or quick to clean.
  • The blender jar is not dishwasher-safe.

Quick Rundown of Ninja Professional BL601

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  • Not at all high-maintenance or bulky.
  • Minimal design with lightweight motor base.
  • Simple and easy to access buttons.
  • Automatic pulse feature included.
  • Smooth and creamy texture quality.
  • Adjustable blend size from 64 to 72 ounces.
  • It self-cleans in 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Limited manual speed settings.
  • Not the best choice for crushing ice.
  • You have to blend for longer for difficult ingredients.

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