Top 5 Best BPA Free Food Steamer Reviews

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Since the recent past, the demand for BPA free kitchen appliances and cutlery has grown immensely. This has mainly been as a result of the increased awareness on the safety and health risks attributed to plastics that release toxins and chemicals into food. This is why the best BPA free food steamers are increasingly becoming common. These steamers are not only high quality, but also boast of unique efficiency, functionality, and durability. Our top pick for the best BPA-free food steamer is the Rosewill BPA-free 9.5 Quart (9L), 3-Tier Stackable Baskets Electric Steamer with Timer Food. Featuring a nested design, this steamer is compact in size and perfectly fits in kitchen cabinets while ensuring that it does not take up too much space.

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Top 5 Best BPA Free Food Steamer Reviews

#1, Rosewill BPA-free 9.5 Quart (9L), 3-Tier Stackable Baskets Electric Steamer With Timer Food- Best Overall

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If you are in the market for the best bpa free steamer that has a large capacity, then this electric steamer by Rosewill is the ultimate choice for you. This appliance is ideal for steaming a large amount of ingredients at once. Since the appliance is bpa free, you never have to worry about chemicals seeping into your food. The baskets are dishwasher safe and even include a rice bowl that is perfect for both brown and white rice and other small foods.

3 baskets hence more capacity

The 3 tier adjustable baskets that come with this BPA free electric steamer are perfect for separate ingredients. These baskets allow you to prepare a large volume of food at once thereby allowing you to prepare enough food for the family at once. The baskets enable you to steam your ingredients separately. Since the baskets are transparent, it becomes possible to see how the steaming process is progressing.

The baskets are dishwasher safe to provide you with ultimate cleanliness and hygiene. You can thus toss the baskets into the dishwasher immediately after steaming. For those without a dishwasher, you can easily hand wash the baskets with a soft cotton towel and warm water with detergent. Ensure that there is no water contact with the electrical steamer.

Water level indicator

This Rosewill steamer features see-through water inlets that make it easy to pour the right water amount. The water level indicators in the baskets provide easy visibility on the amount of water in the baskets. Consequently, this makes it easy for you to fill the baskets to your desired level. Each lid in this steamer features inbuilt vents that route the steam flow thereby allowing for even and uniform heat distribution thereby maintaining moisture in foods.

This BPA free electric steamer features an auto timer system that automatically turns off the appliance when there is no water in the steamer. The appliance presents you with the option of a 60-minute interval timer that is ideal for optimal steaming. The turbo ring design of the steamer supplies heat evenly throughout the three baskets. Steaming starts in less than a minute.

  • Great food steaming capacity
  • Features a water level indicator
  • Even and uniform steaming
  • Auto-off feature for enhanced appliance lifespan
  • Dishwasher safe baskets for easy cleaning
  • Takes time to steam tough and hard ingredients

#2, Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer, One Size, Stainless Steel- Best Glass Steamer

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Cuisinart has over the years provided consistency in the designs, quality, and functionality of all its products. True to this, this Digital Glass Steamer by Cuisinart is a BPA free steamer that offers great service and reliability to its users. This steamer from the heavyweight brand gives its users a digital experience complemented by a modern design. The steaming container in the steamer is made of glass and reinforced by a stainless steel base for uniform heat distribution.

Powerful steam system

This glass steamer by Cuisinart comes with a brilliant and powerful steam system that comprises of a glass lid and a solid stainless steel rim that provides for better adjustment. This steam system delivers intense and consistent steam that translates into even and uniform cooking within no time. The glass lid allows for easy monitoring of the steaming process so that you can realize when the steaming process is complete.

The 5l glass pot in the steamer is sufficiently large for preparing food for the whole family. As such, you can use the appliance for steaming family-size vegetables, chicken, fish, rice and other ingredients. This glass pot is dishwasher safe and thus easy to clean after every use. The 1 liter water tank in the steamer conveniently lifts off easily for refilling. Overall, the steamer is quick and easy to use.

Pre-programmed food settings

This Cuisinart glass steamer is designed to feature 5 pre-programmed food settings. These settings are meant to provide for the convenience and ease of operation of the appliance. The settings include poultry, grains, seafood, manual, and vegetables. The best thing about these settings is that they make it effortless to operate the steamer even for beginners. The single touch settings guarantee that you prepare your food however you like it, in terms of taste and flavor.

Another unique aspect about this glass steamer by Cuisinart is that it has an LCD control panel, 60-minute countdown timer, start/stop, pause and reheat buttons, and audible alert. All these features and functions make operating the appliance a breeze and also guarantee the best cooking results. The steamer is compact and hence ideal for small kitchens, RVs, and even offices.

  • Comes with pre-programmed food settings
  • Easily readable LCD control panel
  • Glass cooking pot and stainless steel rim
  • Perfect for family-size steaming
  • Dishwasher safe pot hence no cleaning mess
  • The glass pot is susceptible to breaking if mishandled

#3, BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer- Best Versatile Steamer

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There is nothing that beats the convenience of steaming different ingredients simultaneously. This is one of the great benefits you enjoy when you invest in the Bella Two Tier Food steamer. The electric appliance comes with a double-layer steaming baskets that allows you to separate ingredients while they are cooking. For instance, you can separate vegetables from meat while steaming and neither of the foods will retain the flavor or smell of the other food.  

Large cooking capacity

The 7.4 quart steaming capacity of this Bella steamer provides a sufficient cooking capacity for the whole family. Additionally, the appliance features two separate steaming containers that allow you to prepare a full meal with a simple switch turn. What is more to note about this high-end bpa free food steamer electric is that it is loaded with smart functions. In line with this, the steamer has a boil & dry protection, and auto shutoff function that allows for a safe and simple cooking experience.

The transparent view window in the water reservoir provides a guess-free cooking experience. This window allows you to monitor the water level easily and hence your food never undercooks or overcooks. In addition to this, there is a steaming guide chart that is embedded on the steamer for perfect steaming results at all times. Overall, the appliance prides itself in a high quality construction that is synonymous with other Bella kitchen appliances.

Quick and fast heating system

When you are using this best bpa free food steamer by Bella, you need not worry about long cooking sessions. This is because the steamer features a quick start heating system which allows you to commence the steaming session in 30 seconds or less.  This versatile steamer allows you to prepare different foods including red meat, shellfish, fish, vegetables, tofu, and grains. What is more exciting about the steamer is that it comes with endless possibilities and allow you to prepare dim sum and dumplings among other foods.

The 2 basket cooking system in the steamer is designed to allow you prepare different dishes simultaneously. This comes in handy for special dietary needs. Consequently, it allows you to save on power bills and time as you can prepare all your ingredients at once. The appliance is compact and hence perfect for all kitchens including less spacious kitchens.

  • Quick-start heating system
  • Hassle-free cooking with a see-through view window in the water reservoir
  • Two-tier baskets that provide for simultaneous cooking
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The steamer lacks a warm function

#4, Aicok Food Steamer 9.5 Quart Vegetable Steamer For Cooking With 3 Tier Stackable Baskets And Auto Shutoff – Best For Fast Heating

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3-tier food steamers are a favorite option for seasoned chefs and cooks. The Aicok Food Steamer 9.56 Quart is a large capacity best bpa free food steamer comes with 3 tier stackable baskets. This steamer is designed for lovers and enthusiasts of healthy food. It is a great device for steaming vegetables, meat, and fish. The three baskets allow you to steam different food types at once. The fanciest thing about this steamer is that it keeps vitamins and other nutrients safe and intact even after steaming.

Powerful electric steamer

Fitted with an all-powerful 800 watts heating element, the steamer boasts of fast heat up and even cooking of food. Since this heating element delivers consistent performance and allows food to cook evenly, it is advisable to place food that requires longer steaming at the base. This stainless steel base has a high visibility water-level indicator coupled with two side water inlets that allow for easy filling while cooking.

 With a 9 liter capacity, this electric steamer by Aiko allows you to steam food the whole family at once. The baskets in the steamer are stackable and hence provide for compact and convenient storage. These baskets are dishwasher safe and can also be hand washed for thorough cleaning to keep bacteria and germs at bay. Ideally, this steamer is easy to operate, use, and clean.

Timer w/ auto shut off

The timer in this electric steamer allows you to set the time for up to one hour/60 minutes. This timer function allows you to set the duration of time that you want the food to cook. In addition to this, there is an auto shutoff function in the appliance that switches off the steamer when the cycle is complete or the water is drained. Additionally, there is a power indicator light allows you to have a visual reference to identify when the steamer is powered on.

This BPA free steamer features an easy to use and clean design that allows for the effortless preparation of a wide variety of foods. Loading food into the baskets is straight forward and does not require any special skills. The baskets can withstand high temperatures up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit thereby making them ideal for all your steaming needs. Overall, this is an expressly reliable steamer for every chef.

  • Stackable basket design for convenient storage
  • Has a water level indicator for easy monitoring
  • Offers even and uniform cooking
  • Fast 800w heating element
  • Equipped with an auto shutoff and timer functionalities
  • You can only fit the first basket onto the base

#5, Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer, 5.5 Quart- Best Budget Steamer

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If you are keen on making a healthy and evenly steamed meal with full nutrition, then you should look no further than at this Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer. This versatile steamer with 2-tier stackable baskets featured a nested storage design that fits neatly and conveniently in shelves and cabinets. These baskets are bpa free and hence do not pose any health risk to their users. This is a flexible bpa free food steamer electric is flexible in that you can use it for steaming a small food amount or for the whole family.

Digital control panel

Hamilton Beach is known for its amazing designs. True to this, the 37530A digital steamer features a digital touchpad. This touchpad not only makes it easy and effortless to operate the steamer but also enhances the appearance of the appliance. The touchpad is complemented by a digital display that allows you to view displayed parameters from a distance. This digital function makes it easy to set the countdown as well as other functions.

This Hamilton steamer comes with a warm function that provides for even and uniform steaming. This automatic warm function sets in automatically when the food is ready. As such, your food remains warm until when you are ready to serve. It is worth noting that the bowls in this bpa free food steamer are 100% BPA free and hence your safety and health are guaranteed.

Versatile and flexible

The best thing about this high-end electric steamer is that it features a versatile and flexible design. Additionally, the steamer comes with different bowls that make it possible to steam a wide variety of foods including shrimps, meat, fish, and oysters among other foods. The steamer also comes with a unique bowl that you can use to steam both white and brown rice. You can use the top bowl for eggs to achieve whichever texture you want.

The food containers in this steamer are designed to be hand washed using soapy water and a soft towel. It is worth noting that only the rice bowl and drip tray are dish washer safe. As such, they allow for quick and effortless cleaning. Another intriguing aspect about this steamer is that it has a Delay Start timer that allows you to fill your ingredients in the steamer and start steaming later. You should not use this function for seafood, raw fish, poultry, or meat.

  • Versatile and flexible design
  • Features an automatic warm function
  • Has a digital touchpad that provides for easy operation
  • Compact and convenient storage design
  • Large capacity hence ideal for families
  • Not all parts are dishwasher safe

Buying guide

With the unlimited number of bpa free food steamers in the market, identifying the right steamer for you is not always a simple and easy task to accomplish. So, there are several considerations worth making when you are in the market for the best food steamers. Some of these factors are such as:


This is arguably one of the single most important consideration to make when you are looking for the ideal BPA free steamer that will meet your needs. Settle for steamers that have the capacity that will match the dietary needs of your family. If you have a small or medium family, then a 5 quart capacity steamer is an ideal choice for you. However, people with large families should settle for steamers with large capacities such as 9 quart.


Steamers vary from each other greatly in terms of design and overall appearance. While some models feature simplistic designs, others come with sophisticated and complex designs. When you are looking at the ideal design to opt for, it is advisable that you only settle on a model with a functional design. Look for models that come with different compartments that you can use for steaming vegetables, meat, fish, and rice among other foods. Also, check that the compartments are stackable for easy storage.

Functionality features

The features and functions in the best bpa free food steamer electric appliances differ from one model to the next. As such, you will need to be extra careful so that you only settle on models that come with all the features and functions that you are looking for. Some of these functionality features include auto shut-off, keep- warm function, and timer. Other extra features that you may also consider are such as water level indicators, audio alerts and LED display. These functionality features offer you the best value for money.


Well, you should only buy a BPA free electric that you can afford. Even so, you do not need to break your bank while buying the best BPA free food steamer. This is because there are lots of high-end and efficient steamers in the market that are priced modestly. When you are considering the price of the ideal steamer, focus more on quality so that you get the best value for your money.

Construction material

It goes without saying that the construction material is an important consideration when you are shopping for the ideal BPA free steamers. Obviously, the best steamer should be made using BPA- free materials. In addition to this, the steamer should be made using sturdy and solid materials. These materials guarantee the durability and reliability of the steamer. Stainless steel is the ultimate material due to its strength and overall resistance to wear and tear. Glass is also a good material but tends to be heavy. Also, it is susceptible to breaking due to be mishandling.

Using a food steamer

Steamers are easy and simple to use and often require minimal participation from the chef or cook. However, here are a few instructions that you can follow when you are new to these appliances:

Boil the water

While most people often skip this step, it is strongly advisable that you boil the water first before using it in a steamer. Boiling the water increases the possibility of the ingredients retaining 100% of their flavor.

Prepare your ingredients

Regardless of the meal you want to prepare, it is crucial that you prepare your ingredients beforehand. Whether it is fish, vegetables, or poultry that you want to prepare, you need to clean the ingredients before you place them in the steamer. After cleaning them, the next thing you should do is adding seasoning, especially when steaming fish. It is necessary that you always defrost fish or meat before putting them into the steamer.

Add water

The third step involves filling the steamer with water. Steamers come with instructions on the amount of water you should add depending on the ingredients and capacity you want to steam.  Avoid adding too much water since this will interfere with the steaming process.

Set the timer

After you have prepared your ingredients and added water, the next thing you should do is set the timer to start the steaming process. The length of time that you should set the timer depends on the food you are preparing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are BPA free steamers safe?

Yes they are. Steamers and other appliances made using BPA-free materials are safe for your health. This is because these materials prevent chemicals and toxins from seeping into your food from the appliances.

How healthy are steamed foods?

Steamed foods are arguably the safest and healthiest food options in present times. This is because steaming does not interfere with the ingredients in any way and also do not alter the nutrient content. Additionally, steamed foods are 100% fat-free and hence are a great alternative for dieting people.

Are all steamers BPA free?

No. BPA-free steamers are designed and constructed using BPA-free materials. These steamers are specific in their designs and construction. Therefore, not all steamers are BPA-free as those that are made using poor quality materials may not qualify as BPA-free.


Well, there you have it. All the brands and models that we have listed herein are superior in quality and designs. These steamers are a great choice for health-conscious users as they allow them to enjoy tasty meals without having to use oils and fats. With this guide, you can easily find the best BPA free food steamer that will give you the best value for your money.  

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