Top 6 Best Microwave Steamer ( Reviews & Guide)

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For people who are conscious about their health and hit the gym regularly as well as eat clean food, the only thing you may be missing out on is how you prepare the food. Investing in the best microwave steamer is one of the best ways of preparing your foods. Steaming your food in a microwave steamer ensures that you are able to maintain healthy eating trends. Steaming helps in preserving nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, and minerals that may be lost in traditional cooking methods.  Our top pick for the best microwave steamer is the Sistema Microwave Collection Steamer. Featuring a 100% virgin plastic construction that is BPA free and hence guarantees that chemicals and toxins seep into the food while cooking.

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Top 6 Best Microwave Steamer ( Reviews & Guide)

1. Sistema Microwave Collection Steamer – Best Overall

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The Sistema Microwave Collection Steamer is a highly efficient cooking appliance that is efficient and reliable for all your steaming needs. This unique microwave steamer allows you to cook and serve your meals easily and quickly whether at home or at work. This steamer has an all-in-one cooking system that lets you cook, serve and store food in the same equipment. Additionally, you can even eat from this steamer.

Versatile construction

The design and construction of this microwave steamer by Sistema is done expertly using excellent craftsmanship. For starters, the steamer features a unique vented lid that locks in moisture, texture, and flavor. This ensures that your food remains tasty, sweet and delicious without losing any ingredients or flavor. This steamer comes with a wide selection of containers that make it easy for you to prepare your meals quickly and effortlessly.

This steamer is dishwasher safe for easy and thorough cleaning after use. What is more amazing to note about this steamer is that it is designed with easy-lift tabs that are designed to hold less heat compared to the container and hence your hands stay safe while cooking. The exterior construction of the steamer boasts of a cool touch design and as such, the steamer remains cool while cooking.

BPA-free construction

The 100% virgin plastic used in the construction of this microwave steamer is superior in quality and BPA & phthalate free. As such, with this microwave steamer, you need not worry about toxins and chemicals seeping into your food while steaming. As such, you are able to keep lifestyle diseases such as cancers at bay. Overall, the construction of this steamer basket is sturdy and solid to last for long with its durability and reliability remaining at their best.

This Sistema microwave steamer is lightweight and compact for easy portability especially when carrying it back and forth from home to office. In addition to this, the steamer will fit in most backpacks and is safe for storing in freezers and fridges. You can prepare a wide variety of foods with this steamer including rice and vegetables.

  • Easy to use
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Multi-purpose for preparing a variety of foods
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be stored in a freezer or fridge
  • Limited capacity for large families

#2. Microwave Cookware Steamer-3 Piece Microwave Cooker W/ Food Container Removable Strainer and Locking Steam Vent Lid-BPA Free, Fridge and Freezer Safe- Best Budget

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Designed and made by Good Cooking-a leading brand for innovative kitchen products, this Microwave Cookware Steamer features a modern style. The brand is popular for making exclusive products that expertly combine a sleek and classy style with sensible function. Therefore, with this microwave steamer, you can expect to get the best steaming results. This easy to clean steamer blend easily with other cutlery and utensils in the kitchen.

Adjustable steam vent

There is nothing more satisfying and exciting than being able to take charge and control of the cooking while using a microwave steamer. In line with this, the Good Cooking steamer has an adjustable steam vent. This vent is easy to use and convenient as it allows you to release steam from the container while the food is cooking. This, in turn, goes a long way in ensuring that you are able to prepare your food as you wish. What is more to note, the steam vent prevents overcooking.

Another amazing feature about this microwave steamer is that it comes with a tight locking lid. This lid helps in keeping the food fresh, flavorful, and delicious at all times. This four-side lid fits perfectly and locks securely even when placing the steamer in a freezer or fridge. The steamer is small and compact, thereby making it easy to carry around.

Safe and sturdy plastic construction

This microwave steamer is designed using the best quality plastics. This construction and design comes in handy in ensuring that the steamer is not only durable but also that it does not release toxins into your food. As such, you are guaranteed that your food is safe for consumption even when hot. This is made possible by the BPA-free plastic materials used in this construction.

The steamer is easy to assemble and separate to use either as a storage container or as a strainer. This flexibility allows for multipurpose use of the steamer. Additionally, the ease of dissembling the steamer provides for easy and hassle-free cleaning. This steamer provides for even steaming and hence your food cooks uniformly.

  • Easy to put together and separate
  • Multipurpose microwave steamer
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and safe construction
  • Has an adjustable steam vent
  • Limited capacity for only 1-2 servings

#3. Pampered Chef Large Micro Cooker for Microwave 2 Quart- Best Multi-purpose Steamer

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For people shopping for special microwave steamers with excellent results, then you should look no further than at this Pampered Chef Large Micro Cooker for Microwave 2 Quart steamer. The lid in this steamer has vents that remove excess steam thereby preventing overcooking. The product also has a spout that allows for easy water pouring. Ideally, this microwave steamer is designed to provide you with the best steaming experience.

Easy to clean

Since this microwave steamer features dishwasher safe features, it is easy and effortless to clean. Disassembling the product is a breeze and consequently, handwashing the steamer is equally easy. This, in turn, allows you to thoroughly clean the steamer to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from harboring in the steamer. It is recommendable to manually wash the steamer from time to time as dishwashing does not provide for thorough cleaning.

The steamer is made from quality BPA-free materials that do not flex or bend due to excessive heat from the steam. The BPA-free license in the steamer guarantees that no harmful toxins and chemicals are contained in the plastic. Consequently, there are no toxins released into the food while steaming. With this microwave steamer, you are guaranteed to eat the safest steamed food.

Excellent performance

The excellent performance of this Pampered Chef microwave steamer is one of the greatest benefits about the steamer. Its performance and efficiency are seen in the fact that you can easily cook tasty fresh and frozen food. This convenience comes in handy for people who are fond of cooking food directly from the freezer. The best thing about the steamer is that it prepares tasty food within few minutes.

The lid in the steamer is carved and has holes that release steam and other excessive liquids that may be produced when steaming food. The microwave steamer is compact and hence can easily be carried around from one point to the other. In addition to this, the lid in steamer comes with locks that ensure that the steamer remains tightly locked while steaming food.

  • Simple to dissemble
  • Convenient drainage spout and holes on the lid
  • Ideal for both fresh and frozen food
  • Lid locks for securing the steamer while steaming
  • Dishwasher safe and ideal for both right & left handed people
  • Not the best choice for steaming food for the whole family

#4. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwavable Fish and Veggie Steamer, Steam Vent, Vegetable Steamer, BPA-Free, Dishwasher Safe- Best Compact Steamer

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The Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwavable Fish and Veggie Steamer is a thoughtful innovation that is designed to present you with a healthier and safer lifestyle. With this steamer, you are guaranteed to enjoy cooking tasty and delicious foods using fresh ingredients and trying new recipes. The brand, Progressive International prides itself in over 4 decades of innovatively designing and developing superior quality kitchen products. This steamer allows you to entertain your family and friends with tasty meals.

Dishwasher safe and BPA-free

In present times, living a healthy lifestyle has become a trending topic. This has mostly been due to the increase of life threatening conditions and illnesses. In line with safeguarding and nurturing your health and wellbeing, this microwave steamer by Progressive International is made using BPA-free plastics. The polypropylene plastic in the steam is resistant to high heat thereby making it safe for use in a microwave. Since the plastic material is BPA-free, there are no toxins that are released into your food when steaming.

This steamer is easy and convenient to wash in a dishwasher. Therefore, if you live a busy lifestyle and have little time for cleaning your dishes, you just need to put it in a dishwasher for thorough cleaning. You can also hand wash the steamer using a mild soap or detergent and running water. It is recommendable to clean it after every use to prevent buildup of bacteria and germs.

Quick, effortless, and safe steaming

This microwave steamer provides for quick and instant food steaming for fish and vegetables. The steamer allows instant steaming of the ingredients to tasty and delicious foods within a few minutes. The best thing about this steamer is that it is easy to use. As such, anyone can use it including kids and amateurs. All you need to do is follow the recipe for the best results.

This steamer doubles as a convenient time saving equipment for busy parents, and college students as well as anyone looking to prepare tasty meals when on the go. The adjustable steam vent in the steamer allows you to release steam while cooking for excellent cooking results. What is more amazing to note about this Prep Solutions steamer is that it comes with non-stick surfaces that provide for easy clean up.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free construction
  • Adjustable steam control
  • Great steaming tool when on the move
  • Quick, effortless, and efficient
  • The 1-quart capacity of the steamer is not enough for the whole family

#5. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker -17 Piece Set Includes Measuring Spoons and Cups, Rice Paddle, Steaming Insert, Pasta Measurer and Locking Lid-12 Cup Capacity BPA-Free- Best For Large Capacity Steaming

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If you are looking for a microwave steamer with a large steaming capacity, then you should opt for the Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker. This steaming set is a versatile collection with up to 17 components that are specially built for steaming a wide variety of foods. The steamer is ideal for steaming rice, vegetables, and fish among other foods. Additionally, the steamer has a large 12-cup capacity hence ideal for family use.

Perfect multipurpose microwave steamer

You can never go wrong by investing in this Progressive Microwaveable Cooker. This is because the steamer is an all-round tool that you can rely on for all your steaming needs. You can use this steamer with all rice types, vegetables, and other food items. What is more amazing about the application of this microwave steamer is that it also doubles as a pasta cooker. Ideally, you can rely on this steamer for cooking and warming your food in a microwave.

Cleaning this microwave steamer is a breeze as this steamer set is dishwasher safe. As such, you can put the steamer and its components in a dishwasher for a deep and thorough cleaning. It is recommended to wash the steamer in the top rack. For people without dishwashers, you can also hand wash the steamer under running water and soap.

Versatile steamer set

This microwave steamer by Prep Solutions is a versatile steaming set that features several components, all designed to enhance the multipurpose nature of the steamer. Some of these components are such as a vegetable steaming insert, pasta draining insert, and measuring cups & spoons for accurate measuring of ingredients. These components are reliable for tasks such as cooking pasta and steaming veggies, among other steaming needs.

The locking lid in the steamer basket guarantees that your ingredients are secured tightly and thus preventing messes and spills when you are preparing your food. This, in turn, translates to a clean cooking session. Overall, the steamer is large enough for steaming up to 8 rice cups, and hence ideal for family food preparation. The most amazing aspect about this steamer is that it provides you with great value for your hard-earned cash.

  • Versatile and durable steamer
  • Easy to clean
  • Best value for money
  • Large capacity hence ideal for whole family steaming
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free construction
  • Reduced portability since it is a large steamer with several components

#6. Sistema Microwave Collection Plate with Removable Steaming Rack, Large, 44.6oz./1.3L –Best For Reliability

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Sistema has for a long time now remained to be a force to reckon with in the kitchen cutlery and solutions category. This is because the brand prioritizes on designing and developing classy, modern and sleek products with unmatchable performance. True to this, the Microwave Collection Plate with Removable Steaming Rack by this brand is designed for heavy-duty and extensive steaming tasks in the kitchen. From its design to development and ease of handling, the steamer is designed to meet everyone’s needs.

Functional design

Unlike other microwave steamers that are unnecessarily large, this Sistema microwave plate features a functional design that makes the steamer compact for easy handling and portability. This steamer resembles a normal plate but comes with a removable steaming rack. This plate doubles as a steamer as well as a serving plate. Therefore, you can start eating your food on the plate directly from the microwave.

The removable steaming rack in this plate is perfect for a variety of foods including preparing fish, vegetables, and poultry. There is a steam-release vent on the steamer’s lid. This vent allows for a splatter-free heating session as well as enhancing the cooking process. You can also use this plate for other heating purposes such as warming rice and other food items.

Cool-to-touch design

Sistema designs its microwave steamers with cool-to-touch surfaces as a protective measure against burns. In line with this, the Sistema Microwave Collection Plate with Removable Steaming Rack features unique surfaces that remain reasonably cool even after heating in the microwave. In addition to this, the plate has easy-lift tabs that provide for easy plate opening.  These features are designed to enhance the convenience of using the plate for all microwave steaming needs.

The plastic material used in the construction of the plate is 100% virgin and hence not recycled. What is more to note about this construction is that it is BPA-free for safe food steaming in the microwave. The nutrient content in your food remains unchanged throughout the steaming season. Therefore, using this steaming plate is one of the best ways of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Portable and compact
  • Features a functional design
  • Features a steam release vent for splatter-free heating
  • BPA-free and 100% virgin plastic construction
  • Cool-to-touch surfaces
  • Limited steaming capacity

Buying guide

While it is widely presumed that shopping for the best microwave steamer is easy and effortless, this is not always the case. This is because there are lots of factors and aspects worth considering before you find the best steamer that will meet your needs and preferences. Here are some of the aspects worth considering when you are shopping for these steamers:


Size is an important consideration as it determines the capacity of food you can steam at once. For instance, if you are shopping for a microwave steamer for three people, then you should only settle on a size that can steam enough food for the three. When checking the size of steamer, you also need to check at the size of your microwave. This is because you should not buy a steamer that is larger than your microwave. Otherwise, the steamer will not fit in the microwave.


Steam level is yet another crucial consideration when you are in the market for these kitchen appliances. Are you keen on controlling the steam pressure? If yes, what features and functions are onboard the steamer to help you with this? The steam level adjustment feature will help you in preparing a variety of foods including chicken, vegetables, fish and much more. This steam adjustment function also allows you to be in full control of the steaming session. Consequently, this will help you determine how your food is steamed.


How durable is the microwave steamer of choice? Can it withstand roughness and wear and tear due to frequent portability and handling? The steamer of choice should be durable so that it is able to withstand wear and tear, roughness and different conditions including washing in the dishwasher or storage in the freezer. Therefore, look for a durable option that will last for years without falling apart or becoming faulty.


If you are a creative chef or cook, then a multi-purpose microwave steamer is the ultimate choice for you. This is because with such a steamer, you can steam a wide variety of foods. You should not limit yourself by opting for an appliance that is only designed for steaming one type of food only. Commonly, people settle for a veggie steamer only that in turn limits them from steaming fish or chicken.

Safe-use features

It is no secret that steam is usually excessively hot and microwaves produce incredibly hot food. A combination of these two factors results in a high-risk steaming experience. This is why you need to check whether the appliance of preference has safe-use features. Look for designs with stay-cool handles, automatic steam release vents, and lift-tab handles for safe retrieval of the steamer from the microwave.

Ease of use and cleaning

You should never invest in any kitchen gadget that is complex to use or clean. This is because such gadgets prove to be quite tedious and time wasting to use. Instead, when you are in the market for the best microwave steamer, it is recommendable that you limit your search to steamers that are easy to use as such steamers are also efficient and time saving to use. Look for models with collapsible designs, minimal pieces, and dishwasher-safe materials. Such steamers are easy to use, operate and clean after use. Generally, steamers are relatively easy to use as they do not come with any complex parts or systems. As such, you can easily handwash these gadgets under running water and with a mild detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is microwave steaming healthy?

Steaming food is a healthier option compared to most other cooking methods. As such, microwave steaming is healthy as it preserves food nutrients while ensuring that you use minimal or no oil at all. The minerals, fiber content, and vitamins in foods remain the same and are not affected by steaming. Therefore, microwave steaming is healthy and does not cause any damage to the food or the user.

What type of foods can you prepare in a microwave steamer?

Unknown to most people, you can microwave steam a large variety of foods in addition to vegetables. You can use these steamers for preparing rice, chicken, fish, and even make poached eggs. Therefore, these gadgets are versatile and thus designed to provide you with the best food preparation experience whether in the kitchen or when on the road.

Is it safe to put plastics in a microwave?

There is a catch when it comes to using plastics in a microwave. This is because you should only put plastics that are labeled as BPA-free and Phthalate-free. These are chemicals that are used in making plastics and tend to be released into the food when the plastic becomes hot. As such, putting such plastics into the microwave may have far reaching effects on your health. However, the plastics used in making microwave steamers are safe for use in the microwave.


Microwave steamers are popular for the abundance of convenience and reliability that they provide. A majority of the models that are presently in the market are designed to provide you with the best meal preparation convenience. Before you buy any model, it is vital that you consider the dos and don’ts of shopping for these gadgets. This is so that you only settle for a model that will come in handy by meeting your needs and preferences. Avoid gadgets that seem to be of low and substandard qualities.

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