Top 6 Best Brown Rice Brand In (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Since the recent past, the popularity of the best brown rice brands has grown immensely. This is mainly attributed to the new global trend of eating clean and healthy today as well as the amazing benefits of this rice. Brown rice, despite being expensive is packed with tons of health benefits. This rice is best for people with digestive problems or dieters. There are different brands of this rice in the market, but you should always opt for the best quality brands. Our number one pick for the best brown rice brand is the Iberia Brown Jasmine Rice, 5 Lbs Long Grain Naturally Fragrant Enriched Brown Jasmine Rice. This naturally sourced rice is grown using the highest expertise levels from growers across the US, Brazil, India and Vietnam. With its great taste, you will definitely love this rice.

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Top 6 Best Brown Rice Brand (Reviews & Buying Guide)

#1. Iberia Brown Jasmine Rice, 5 Lbs Long Grain Naturally Fragrant Enriched Brown Jasmine Rice- Best Overall

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This flavorful rice prides itself in a high fiber content and nutrients.  The flavor and texture of this rice are delightful. This whole grain rice is easy to prepare as you only need to add your desired rice capacity to cold water then place the rice on the stovetop. For best cooking results, it is recommendable that you bring the water to its boiling point, cover and then cook the rice on low heat for 15-20 minutes. However, this depends on the recipe you are following.

Naturally sourced

The organic farming adopted in the growing, handling and harvesting of the Iberia Brown Jasmine rice goes a long way in guaranteeing that it is 100% naturally sourced. The high-level expertise applied in the production of the rice provides for its unique taste, flavor and texture. The rice is sourced from organic growers across the Unites States of America, India, Brazil, and Vietnam. This rice is non-GMO, vegan, non-fat, kosher, and naturally gluten-free.

The long fluffy grain of this rice is naturally aromatic and equally delicious. The rice tastes best when mixed with freshly sautéed vegetables such as bell peppers, broccoli, and white onions. In addition to this, there are tons of recipes that you can use for preparing the rice. Ideally, this rice allows you to exercise creativity and flexibility when preparing your favorite recipes.

Easy to serve

Whether you want to prepare this brown rice brand as a main component or serve it as a simple dish, this Jasmine is the best rice option. This rice serves as the best complement to fish, steak, chicken, or vegetarian entrees. This versatility comes in handy as it allows you include it in whichever recipe you are preparing. What is more unique about the rice is that you can serve it at any time of the day including breakfasts for people who like healthy whole meal breakfasts.

Unique other types of rice that are tedious and complex to prepare and cook, this Jasmine rice is easy and simple to prepare. The rice cooks for 15-20 minutes on low heat after the water has boiled. When preparing your rice, add it into cold water then place it on the stove to cook. Always maintain the right rice: water ratio when preparing the rice. This prevents under and overcooking.

  • Easy to prepare and cook
  • Naturally grown and sourced hence does not contain harmful chemicals
  • Great natural aromatic taste
  • Easy to serve as a main component or side dish
  • Gluten-free hence ideal for dieters
  • Not the best choice for vegetarians

#2. Pride Of India- Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice- Naturally Aged Healthy Grain, 3.3 Pound (1.5 Kilo) Jar (2.2 Pound + 50% Extra Free= 3.3 Pounds Total) – Best Budget

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Basmati rice is popular for its structure and fragrance. This Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice by Pride of India is every chef’s delight that meets every user’s needs. This rice is extra-long and thin grain rice is gluten free, GMO free, BPA free, and vegan. As such, it is a great choice for dieters, vegans, and people keen on losing weight. The rice is grown and sourced using sustainable farming that promotes the quality and overall nutritional value of the rice.

Nutritious and healthy

The nutrient and fiber count in this Pride of India Brown rice is high. This makes the rice good for digestion as it is enriched with minerals and vitamins. This Brown Basmati rice has a low carb content, gluten free, and is non bio-engineered. In addition to this, the rice has a high anti-oxidants and Manganese content, thereby making it a great choice for babies and toddlers.

This Pride of India Brown Basmati rice allows chefs to prepare delicious healthy and nutritionally balanced meals. All the grains in this rice pride itself in an intact bran and germ layer. This, in turn, provides vital health benefits, tastes, and flavors than regular brown rice brands. Therefore, this brown rice variety is ideal for making dishes such as pilau, biryani, and fried rice.

Naturally grown

This Pride of India Brown Basmati Rice is naturally grown in India in the Himalayan foothills on expansive and fertile valleys. The growth and sourcing of this rice does not involve any chemicals or pesticides and other inorganics additions. This rice is 100% authentic with an age of 1-2 years thereby giving the rice an invigorating aroma, extra fullness and a sweet flavor.

This brown rice has for a long time been the pride of most vegans and vegetarians who are keen on enjoying nutritious, tasty and flavorful meals. This rice comes packed and sealed in high-end food grade plastic jars that provide for high hygiene levels. The rice is easy to prepare and cooking. In addition to this, you can prepare the meal as a main component or even a side dish.

  • Nutritious and easy to prepare
  • Rich in antioxidants and fiber
  • BPA free, GMO-free & gluten-free
  • Rich in manganese and vitamins
  • Best for diabetics
  • Rice has a slightly chewy texture that is not pleasant to everyone

#3. RiceSelect Texmati Brown Rice, 32 Ounce Jars, 4-Count- Best For Crafty Home Chefs

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RiceSelect Texmati Brown Rice is a USDA certified brown organic rice brand. This non-GMO rice is nutritionally balanced and easy to prepare and cook with any recipe.  While living healthy has not always been easy, you can comfortably enjoy a healthy and balanced meal with this brown rice brand. The Texmati rice grain is a unique hybrid of aromatic Basmati rice and long-grain (American) brown rice. Therefore, when you opt for this rice, you can be certain to enjoy the best of these two rice types with this brown variety.

Delicious and aromatic

This flavorful and delicious unique hybrid grain has a captivating aroma that most people liken to the small of freshly popped popcorn. What is more to note about the rice is that it has an unexpected texture and a welcoming nutty flavor. This combination makes the rice a great option for re-inventing familiar and pleasant flavors in a bold and exciting way. This delicious rice is available in brown, white and organic white & brown varieties.

All rice varieties by RiceSelect are flavorful blends that contain high nutrient levels and unique qualities. As such, this brown rice variety by RiceSelect is not different from the other varieties and is designed for chefs and cooks with the finest culinary standards. The textural uniqueness and distinct aromatic qualities of this rice variety makes it ideal for home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Versatile rice variety

There is no better way to prepare your rice recipes than with this brown rice variety by RiceSelect. This rice enriches your kitchen with enticing aromas while at the same time enlivening your recipe with unforgettable flavors and incomparable textures. This versatility allows professional chefs and home cooks to prepare the rice variety in whichever way they want.

This RiceSelect Texmati Brown rice variety is the ultimate ingredient in any entrée whether as a base ingredient or side dish. Due to its slightly chewy texture and nutty taste, the rice is perfect for pairing with strong sauces and seasonings. The rice variety is also ideal for soups, stir-fries, pilafs, fried rice, and stuffing.

  • Delicious and aromatic
  • Gluten-free and organic
  • Packed in reusable BPA-free jars
  • Free of additives
  • Versatile rice variety with several cooking options
  • Takes time to cook

#4. UNCLE BEN’S Ready Rice: Whole Grain Brown Rice, Ready To Heat 8.8 Ounce- Best For Convenience

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There is no better way of supporting a healthy lifestyle than with UNCLE BEN’S Whole Grain Brown Rice. This naturally grown and sourced brown rice variety is well balanced and contains nutrients that promote the best heart health. More so, the rice contains natural fiber thereby making it a great choice for dieters. With its sodium free natural composition, the rice is an ideal option for feeding kids.

Natural composition

The best thing about this brown rice brand by UNCLE BEN’s is that it is all natural, without any artificial flavors, preservatives or colors added.  This not only makes the rice nutritionally balanced but also healthy for consumption even by children. This whole grain rice does not contain any sugars or sodium, and is thus an excellent choice for diabetics and other people with lifestyle conditions.

UNCLE BEN’s Ready Rice Whole Grain Rice features a bio-engineered food ingredient. As such, you can rely on the rice variety for growth and boosting immunity among other benefits in the body. This 100% U.S rice is organically grown for a perfect and delicious meal at all times. What is more amazing to note about the rice is that it is microwave safe for easy and quick preparation.

Nutritious with amazing health benefits

This brown rice variety by Uncle Ben is designed to support a healthy and well balanced diet. It contains an amazing supply of different nutrients and minerals that promote healthy growth and cardiovascular wellbeing. Therefore, people with vulnerable immunities can rely on the rice to boost their immunity and enjoy great health. Since it is cholesterol free and is an excellent niacin source, it is an ideal rice variety for people battling obesity or those dieting for lean bodies.

The rice allows for flexible and adjustable preparation depending on the type of results you want. If you are looking for firmer rice, then reduce cooking time and use less water. On the other hand, for softer rice, you should increase the cooking time and use more water. The quality of the rice is unmatched by that of other rice varieties in the market.

  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Microwave safe
  • Ideal as both a base component or side dish
  • Highly nutritious
  • Naturally grown and sourced hence no artificial additives
  • Packaging needs to be improved

#5. SEEDS OF CHANGE Organic Rice Variety Pack, Quinoa Brown Rice & Red Rice With Flaxseed, Ready To Heat, 8.5 Ounce- Best For Ease Of Preparation

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For chefs and cooks who are in the market for brown rice varieties that are easy, quick, and convenient to prepare should look no further than at the SEEDS OF CHANGE Organic Rice Variety Quinoa Brown Rice. This rice variety comes microwave ready and can also be prepared with swift stirs in the skillets. This convenience of preparation comes in handy as it allows you to fix your meal in a few minutes. Therefore, if you lead an extremely busy lifestyle, then this is rice for you.  

USDA Certified

Like any other organic food from the US, this SEEDS of CHANGE Organic Rice meets the set standards for organically grown rice sold and exported from the US. As such, when you buy this brown rice variety, you can be certain to get a balanced nutrient supply from the rice. The healthy nutrients in the rice are derived from the natural ingredients in the rice. These ingredients include sea salt, onion powder, dried garlic, Tapioca starch, Soy Lecithin and high Oleic Sunflower oil.

You can use this brown rice for preparing a wide range of dishes including stir-fries, pilafs, plain rice or even pudding. Due to its flexibility of preparation, the rice tastes amazing in any recipe you use the rice for. In addition to this, the rice is gluten-free, and as such, it is an ideal choice for vegans and dieters. Thus, the rice guarantees a healthy and balanced diet in whichever meal you include it in.

All natural

This rice is organically grown and sourced without any artificial additives. As such, this brown rice variety is free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Therefore, you will not experience any health or dietary side effects when relying on this rice for your dietary needs. Consequently, you can rely on the rice for supplementing all the crucial nutrients that your baby needs to grow.

With this brown rice variety, you are just 90 seconds away from enjoying a truly flavorful and delightful rice.  All you need to do is pop the rice pouch in a microwave and let the rice cook for 90 seconds as you prepare accompaniments and other servings. The disposable pouch that comes with the rice means that you do not have any mess to clean up after cooking.

  • Delicious and flavorful
  • Convenient to prepare and cook
  • High nutritional value
  • USDA certified and organically grown
  • Free from artificial additives
  • The packaging is not the best

#6. NISHIKI Premium Brown Rice, 5-Pound- Best Daily Use Rice

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Nishiki is arguably one of the biggest and well established brown rice brands in the industry and global market. The brand is known for producing the best premium quality rice. This medium-grained rice is grown and sourced in California. Like other high-end brown rice brands in the market, the Nishiki premium rice is a safe option for vegans. The rice is easy to prepare and has a high nutritional content, thereby making it ideal for daily use.

Slightly sticky texture

If you are the kind of chefs and cooks who enjoy preparing and eating rice that has a sticky texture, then you will appreciate this brown rice brand. This texture comes in handy when preparing Asian dishes such as sushi. It is worth noting that the slightly sticky texture makes the rice easy to layer and roll when you are making sushi.

Additionally, the sticky texture of the rice allows you to use this brown rice variety in a wide range of recipes. Ideally, it allows you to be as creative as you would wish in trying out new recipes and meals. This rice is an excellent choice for dieters and people struggling to lower their body’s gluten levels. This is because the rice is gluten free.

BPA free packaging

This Nishiki brown rice variety comes in a BPA-free packaging with a 15-pound capacity. This air-tight packaging guarantees that the rice remains in the best condition when in transit or storage. As such, you get the same premium quality just like the rice was during packaging. However, this packaging is not re-sealable and hence you will need a large container to store the rice after you have opened it.

Nishiki Premium Brown rice is a medium grained rice sourced from California, USA. The rice is selected using excellent expertise and specialty for purposes of ensuring that you enjoy your rice at its best. This rice is all natural and hence you need not worry about the presence of any artificial additives. With this rice, you can keep lifestyle diseases and illnesses such as cancer away.

  • Has a good texture
  • Easy and convenient preparation
  • Ideal for vegans and dieters
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Gives you freedom of customizing the rice as you wish
  • Has a low fiber content

Buying guide

While most people presume that brown rice is the same, the truth is that this rice variety differs a lot from one brand to the next. There are several aspects that have a direct impact on the flavor and quality of the rice brand of choice. Due to these differences, it is necessary that you know the factors and aspects to look for in the best rice. Some of these aspects are such as:

Grain size

Brown rice comes in three different varieties; short, medium or long grained rice. The grain size to settle for is purely a personal preference. This is because there are chefs and cooks who prefer long grains while others prefer short and medium grains. Short-grain rice features a soft creamy texture thereby making it ideal for risotto and sushi. On the other hand, medium-grained rice has a sticky texture while long-grained rice has a fluffy texture and high starch content.


For most chefs and cooks, there is nothing better and more satisfying than having a brown rice brand that you can use for preparing several dishes. As such, you need to ensure that the rice of choice is a versatile variety that you can use for creatively preparing different dishes. For chefs who enjoy creating Asian cuisines, Basmati and Jasmine rice are the best choice for them.

Nutritional content

The most common reason why majority of people prefer brown rice to white one is because brown rice is a healthier and safer option. In a world where GMOs and artificially enhanced food types are thriving, brown rice has proved to contain a high count of all-natural ingredients and nutrients. As such, before you settle on a specific brown rice variety, it is necessary to check and the nutrient count and content in the rice of preference.


Unknown to most people, there is much more to a packaging than what meets the eye. For brown rice varieties that come in plastic packaging, it is crucial to ascertain that the packaging is BPA-free. Otherwise, toxins and chemicals can easily leech into your rice. The best package to settle for should be re-sealable for purposes of making it easy and possible to keep the rice fresh. Plastic jars and glass are environmentally friendly and convenient.


 How much volume of rice do you need? The quantity of rice to buy depends on aspects such as your frequency of preparing rice and the number of servings at a time. If you like preparing rice for a number of days in a week, then you need a few rice pounds. However, for people who live alone and eat rice occasionally, you do not necessarily have to settle for a large quantity.

Ease of cooking

There is nothing more annoying than a brown rice variety that is complex to prepare. Usually, hard-to-cook rice varieties give poor results and the rice may be less delicious and flavorful. Most manufacturers provide detailed instructions on how to prepare their rice variety. Brown rice varieties that are microwave safe are a great choice as they easy and quick to prepare.

Which are the health benefits of brown rice?

In comparison to white rice, it is no secret that brown rice is rich in nutrients, essential minerals, and vitamins.  However, each brand differs from the others in terms of flavor, texture, taste, and nutrient content.  Here are a few health benefits of this rice:

Manage weight

Brown rice has Manganese, an essential mineral that helps in synthesizing body fats. Therefore, obese people or those who face challenges in managing their weight can introduce the rice into their diets. Additionally, brown rice contains fiber which comes in handy in helping the body feel fuller and hence you are not likely to stress eat.

Prevents cancer

The high content of antioxidants and dietary fiber in brown rice helps in fighting breast and colon cancers, or other types of cancers. The high bran content in the rice contains essential phenols such as caffeic acid, tricin acid and ferulic acid. These acids help in suppressing the development of both breast and colon cancerous cells.

Promotes healthy digestion

The high fiber content in brown rice helps in improving the digestive system. Therefore, people suffering from inflammatory bowel complications such as colitis and constipation can benefit greatly from this rice.

Manage cholesterol levels

Brown rice does not contain trans-fats and saturated fats. Instead, this rice only has naturally occurring oils that help in maintaining cholesterol levels. Excessively high cholesterol levels in the body are known to cause heart diseases, hypertension, and obesity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should brown rice be stored?

Storing brown rice appropriately goes a long way in maximizing the shelf life of brown rice as well as preventing it from degradation. Always store your rice in a cool dry place and in a sealed container. This ensures that moisture and other contaminants do not come into contact with the rice.

Quinoa or brown rice- Which is better?

Both these two rice varieties feature similar nutrient profiles. The calories given by these varieties are most equal. The only difference between these two varieties is that the amount of magnesium and iron in quinoa rice is more than that in brown rice. Other than this, the two rice varieties do not differ from each other in any way.

Are all brown rice varieties microwave safe?

No, brown rice varieties are produced differently and hence the properties of these varieties differ considerably. If you are looking for a microwave safe rice variety, then settle on a brand that is clearly illustrated to be safe to cook in a microwave.


It is undoubtedly true that brown rice offers many health benefits and nutritional value. Choosing the best brown rice variety does not require rocket science. You just need to know the factors and aspects to look for in the best brown rice variety.  This rice is safe for consumption by everyone including kids and people with lifestyle health conditions including diabetes, cancer, and hypertension.

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