Top 7 Best Shelf Liners in 2021 (Review & Buying Guide)

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From utility cabinets to drawers, kitchen racks to laundry cupboards; every surface is prone to damage from spills, scratches, and nicks; thanks to the objects placed on it. This wear and tear has given rise to the need for a durable and reliable solution to keep your shelves looking brand new.

Shelf liners provide a viable solution, blending functionality and durability with style. They also create a barrier of protection from dust, debris and spills while adding to the order and panache of your décor.

The Warp Brothers Plast O Mat shelf liner qualifies as our best shelf liner for protecting surfaces of shelves, cabinets and wire racks.

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Top 7 Best Shelf Liners Reviews

#1. Sterling Shelf Liner for Wire-Graphite

This durable shelf liner is developed with industry grade 30-gauge thick polypropylene materials. Designed specifically for metal wire racks, its thick plastic surface makes it suitable for the placement of objects while preventing them from slipping through the gaping slits.

The product comes in a set of 4 graphite colored liners, specifically made to fit on wire racks and shelves. Its transparent design is available in an assortment of sizes, and is lightweight and see-through while adjustable features may be useful for those looking for interchangeable use.

It has a smooth waterproof and stain proof design making it easy to clean and appropriate for use in spaces prone to moisture, liquid spills, and leakages. This may hence be a useful liner for use in kitchen, bathrooms or garages where water and oil leaks are probable.

However, because it is non-self-adhesive, it tends to slip on exceptionally smooth surfaces. Some users may also experience little to no ventilation, as it has a non-ribbed and non-cushioned design.

The liner is customizable and can be cut with ease to any shape or size, requiring minimal effort to install. It is non-adhesive hence easy to reposition on wired shelves and wire racks.

Shelf Liners for Wire Shelf Liner Set of 4 - Graphite (18-Inch-by-48-Inch)
  • Made in the USA sterling shelf liners set the standard in the industry
  • Perfect fit custom tailored to fit most wire shelves, pick from our size selection
  • Better quality thicker than the competition
  • Heavy duty 30 gauge polypropylene
  • Waterproof- won't get damaged from exposure to moisture

#2. Duck Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner

This shelf liner is made with PVC-coated polyester, making it flexible, bendable, and lightweight. Available in an array of solid and neutral hues, its surface is textured with select-grip design while the grainy surface prevents objects placed on it from shifting or slipping.

The top and bottom layers of the liner have a non-adhesive grip, making it easy to install and reposition. However the surface is textured with tiny holes, which allows water to pass through. Its layer of cushioning provides insulation against the clanking sounds of objects placed on it, protecting them from scratches and nicks.

Some users may notice it is prone to budging and bunching while others may notice it’s sticking ability to be limited due to its non-adhesive nature. Additionally, some users may counter crumbs gathering in the textured design.

This shelf liner is reusable and machine washable, however it is incompatible with a dishwasher. It may be suitable for users looking to place shelf liners in cabinets, RV, or to open jars with.

Duck Brand Select Grip EasyLiner Shelf and Drawer Liner, Non-Adhesive, 12-Inch x 20-Feet, Brownstone, 1100731
  • Ideal for: drawers and utility cabinets or in campers and RVs to keep objects from sliding while on the move
  • Non-adhesive grip top and bottom holds liner and objects in place
  • Provides cushion and protection
  • Machine washable for easy cleanup. Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.
  • Easy to cut, install, replace and reposition without hassle

#3. DII Non Adhesive Cut to Fit Machine Washable Shelf Liner Paper

This shelf liner is available in 5 colors and 4 patterns such as lattice, dahlia and polka dots. It may be suitable for users looking to add aesthetics and style to match their décor.

Manufactured from 60% viscose and 40% polyester, it features crease resistant abilities and a high absorption rate. Thus it’s usage is appropriate in cabinets, refrigerators, pantries, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

The set comes in a pack of two non-adhesive, cushioned, and crease resistant shelf liners that can be cut and repositioned easily for the user’s preference. The cut-to-fit pattern allows users with practice to cut the liners with ease themselves.

The liner is not compatible with bleach or fabric softener. Some users may experience it is neither entirely stain resistant nor waterproof – with limited sticking ability. It is however machine washable, making it reusable and easy to clean.

DII Non Adhesive Cut to Fit Machine Washable Shelf Liner Paper For Cabinets, Kitchen Shelves, Drawers, Set of 2, 12 x 10" - Aqua Lattice
  • 2 PACK each measuring 12-inch by 10-feet
  • NON ADHESIVE CUSHION ,cut to fit to any shelf or fridge, ideal for protecting glasses, produce and more
  • WASHABLE, You will never have to wipe your protected surfaces again - simply throw your shelf liners in the wash and reuse them
  • USE ALL OVER YOUR HOME, in your cabinets, pantries, refrigerators, bathrooms, & laundry rooms
  • DII is a highly trusted brand for home décor needs. Click DII above to view more of our products.

#4. The Macbeth Collection Self Adhesive Shelf Liner

This product comes in a pack of 2 vinyl shelf liners. Available in a multitude of colors and patterns, it offers functionality and use.

These shelf liners are water, spill, and stain proof making them easy to clean with soapy water. These are lightweight and multipurpose and may be appropriate for use in cabinets and shelves in kitchens, laundry, or bathrooms.

Its self-adhesive capabilities come with gridlines making it easy to cut and install without needing help. These are residue free and result in superior sticking without leaving stains. These may be ideal for users who are looking to keep the shelf liners from moving or bunching up when in use.

Some users may experience a lack of cushioning to keep the objects from slipping on the surface, while the some may be disappointed with a lack of repositioning and reusable capabilities.

The Macbeth Collection Self Adhesive Shelf Liner - 2 Pack - Rugby Chevron Aqua Pop
  • Liners keep small items from falling through wire shelves
  • Easy to clean using soap and water
  • Provides an easy to clean, multi-purpose surface
  • 2 Pack
  • 18” H X 120”L

#5. Con-Tact Brand Grip Premium Non-Adhesive Non-Slip Shelf Liner

This product comes in a large 1 roll, which can be cut to the size the user prefers. The shelf liner is made of waterproof contact paper, mimicking the feel of rubber.

This product is available in multiple neutral hues from chocolate, blue, cool grey, to almond. It is lightweight and developed with a slight cushion to keep objects from rolling around and slipping on its surface. This makes it suitable for use on furniture such as beside tables, dressers, bookcases, and kitchen counters.

The shelf liner is non-adhesive, making it easy to remove or reposition with crease proof features. The gridlines on its back make it easy to cut for DIY home makeovers. Some users might experience it may require a double sided tape to keep it from sliding or bunching up.

It is not washing machine or dishwasher safe; however, its waterproof nature makes it easy to clean with damp cloth making it reusable.

Con-Tact Brand Premium Non Adhesive, 18" x 10', Cool Gray
  • NON SLIP FUNCTION: ConTact Brand Grip Premium Liners are made from a compound designed for its non-slip properties! It will keep your items from moving around inside of drawers and on shelves to prevent items and surfaces from getting damaged.
  • PREMIUM THICKNESS PROTECTION: These Premium Liners set the industry standard for the highest level of cushion and protection for the items you place on it and the surfaces they are protecting. Glassware, fragile items and anything else will be protected.
  • DURABLE & STRONG : Designed to be durable and strong from the highest quality materials. These Shelf & Drawer Liners will last for as long as you need them.
  • LONG LASTING: Con-Tact Brand provides you with high-quality strong backing that is specifically designed to put a stop to slipping and sliding with items in your cabinets or on your shelves.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Simply position the liner into the area that you want to protect and cut off any excess material with household scissors

#6. Warp Brothers Plast O Mat Shelf Liner

This product is available in a clear and transparent design, allowing it to be compatible with multiple surface designs and décor. It is water and stain proof and made with low density polyethylene, allowing for easy cleanup with a damp cloth. This makes it useful for use within areas prone to moisture, spills from liquids, or items that can leave stains.

Its ribbed design allows for ventilation, quickly drying out the wet surface while cushioning allows objects to resist falling or sliding. This may make it suitable for users looking to place shelf liners in either bathrooms or kitchens. The thick plastic surface is suitable for use on wire racks and easy to cut to create customized sizes.

These shelf liners are reusable and long lasting, it is however not self-adhesive, and some users may experience the mat may slide slightly when in use. It is a cost effective and a reusable alternative to other clear plastic varieties available in the market.

Warp Brothers Warp'S Plast O Mat Shelf Liner Ribbed 12" W X 20ft. L Non Adhesive Clear (1)
  • High gloss finish makes your shelves sparkle
  • Easy-glide, waterproof surface won't tear
  • Resists stains and wipes clean easily
  • Deep ribs allow air to flow under glasses
  • Cuts easily with scissors, lays flat

#7. Elodie Essentials English Lavender Scented Drawer Liners

This scented shelf liner comes in 5 different colored patterns and scents; such as lavender, French, linen, rose, and sandalwood. It is insect repellent which makes them suitable to line linen drawers and closets and bedside drawers, cabinets, and tables as well.

Available in a gift packaging containing 6 thick non adhesive paper sheets, it can be cut easily to customized sizes according to the user’s preference.

These have a soft padding, aiding in controlling the movement of objects placed on it, avoiding slips and falls. This is non-adhesive making it easily movable for repositioning purposes and its gift packaging look makes it ideal for gifting purposes as well.

It is not water or stain proof, and is not washable; this may make it harder for the users to maintain its spotless appearance. Some users may experience this shelf liner tends to shift around.

The fragrance is likely to evaporate, and will usually last for a few weeks at most. Some users may find it presents limited functionality, however it may be better suited for consumers looking to add an aesthetic appeal and charm to the room.

Elodie Essentials Scented Drawer and Shelf Liners - Royal Damask Print - Six (6) Large 14 x 19½ Inch Sheets - Non-Adhesive Paper Sheets for Closet Shelves and Dresser Drawers (English Lavender)
  • ADD A TOUCH OF LUXURY TO ANY ROOM: Made with high quality French fragrance oils for a calming and relaxing scent, our scented liners are a luxurious yet practical addition to your boudoir or bedroom dresser drawers
  • FRESH, LONG-LASTING SCENT: Infused with an English Lavender scent that softly diffuses as it is exposed to the air, these drawer liner papers keep your clothes, lingerie, towels, and bedroom linens smelling fresh and clean
  • ELEGANT ROYAL DAMASK PRINT: Our drawer liners feature a stunning design and add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, guest room, laundry area, baby nursery or bathroom
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE: Each box includes six 14" x 19.5" non-adhesive paper sheets that can easily be cut to the size that you need, and are perfect to use as shelf liners in your linen closet or to freshen that musty vintage cabinet
  • INCLUDES A KEEPSAKE BOX: Each set of drawer sheets comes beautifully packaged in a matching keepsake gift box tied with a silky ribbon, and makes a wonderful gift for friends and family members

Best Shelf Liners Buyer’s Guide


What kind of a budget have you set aside for the purchase of the shelf liners? Higher quality liners are durable but tend to cost more. When deciding on buying a shelf liner or when upgrading to better quality it is essential to consider affordability and price.


Will you be installing on your own or have a professional install the shelf liners for you?

Shelf liners with adhesive backing have grid lines making it easy to measure and install for DIY installations, however cannot be repositioned after sticking, leaving little room for mistakes.

Adhesive or Non Adhesive

Are you looking for tight grip and non-slip, or self-adhesive varieties? You might need to choose the nonslip variety for better sticking ability.

The varieties with adhesive in the backing are similar to stickers, with long term sticking abilities. Non-adhesive variants are easy to remove and reposition and leave no residue.


Plastic may be unsuitable in certain environments yet vinyl varieties are bendable, waterproof and easy to clean with soapy water. Cloth varieties absorb liquids like oil and water, but attract crumbs.

Polyester varieties are crease resistant while the ribbed varieties provide better cushioning and ventilation for objects on the shelf.

High durability is an important aspect to keep in mind if you have a small replacement budget.

Color & Patterns

Are you looking to add a little panache to your décor with the shelf liner? Or are you looking for simple transparent materials with a focus on functionality?

Available in numerous varieties, it comes in versatile patterns and hues such as dahlia, lattice, polka dots, vines etc. Vinyl comes in various patterns and colors that are easy to clean. Shelf liners with grid lines are easier to measure and cut how you desire.

Space & Size

The liner’s size and repositioning ability is often a high priority for some consumers. Metallic or smooth wooden materials are prone to objects slipping. Shelf liners with limited to no grip may slip out of these shelves.

Wire racks require thicker, slip proof shelf liners to avoid objects slipping through the slits. If placing in wet places, buying a set that is waterproof and leak proof provides more convenience.

Washing Machine or Dishwasher safe

Are you considering washing the shelf liner for maintenance? Do you use a washing machine or dishwasher to clean? Do you plan on manually cleaning the shelf liner with soapy water?

Plastic and vinyl are easy to clean manually with soapy water and occasionally dishwasher safe. Cloth varieties such as polyester and viscose are washing machine compatible.

Allergy Tests

Certain chemicals used in the shelf liners manufacturing may cause allergic reactions hence you must consider if you may be allergic to any specific materials. Choose a material better suited to your body chemistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Shelf Liners?

– Waterproof varieties protect the shelves from moisture leaks and spills. They protect the surfaces from stains of water, oil, and other liquids.
– All varieties are defensive in nature and effectively protect against scratches, chips, and nicks. The shelf liner forms a protective layer between the objects and the shelf.
– They can be used to mask and cover decrepit conditions of old shelves, adding glamour and style to the décor with their patterns. Scented varieties also freshen up the shelves masking unappealing odor.
– Absorb sounds of rattling objects, keeping the shelves organized and clean while insulating clanking noises.
Make cleaning easier as they collect dust, crumbs, grime, and spills from the shelf. They are also low maintenance, washable, and replaceable.


The Warp Brothers Plast O Mat shelf liner qualifies as our best shelf liner for protecting surfaces of shelves, cabinets and wire racks. The clear and transparent design is compatible with multiple surface designs and décor.

The waterproof and stains proof low density polyethylene makes it useful for use in areas prone to moisture or spills while the ribbed ventilation design allows for surface to dry quickly.

The cushioning on surface prevents objects from falling or sliding off the surface, making it suitable for rough use in bathrooms or kitchens.

The thick plastic of the shelf liners is easy to cut into customized sizes and is reusable making it a long lasting option.

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