Margaritaville Bali vs Tahiti Comparison Review: This Is The Most Recommended Margaritaville Blender For Home Parties & Quality Performance

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The impressive technology of the Margaritaville Tahiti is hard to miss. And in the battle between Margaritaville Bali vs Tahiti, it’s a steal considering it has a larger blending capacity and better customization of drinks.

You don’t have to wait to make 2-3 drinks with the Tahiti, it can make 24 ounces of 3 drinks simultaneously. Its overall blending capacity is larger (72 ounces) and it has 2 more drinks that you can select from.

The upside of buying the Margaritaville Bali, on the other hand, is that it’s smaller. It comes in a single 60-ounce blending jar with a self-dispenser for less mess on the countertop when entertaining guests. It’s a smart investment if you don’t have enough space, to begin with.

But a blender like the Margaritaville Tahiti certainly makes the whole experience of blending drinks more modern and versatile.

Margarita Bali vs Tahiti: Comparision Chart

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Margarita Bali vs Tahiti: Differences

The Margaritaville Tahiti wins 2 – 1 against the Bali. It allows a higher number of drink selections, has more blending capacity, and is easy to use despite its large design.

1.  Control / Settings

The Winner: Margaritaville Tahiti

Margaritaville Tahiti Settings
Margaritaville Tahiti Settings

+Blending Capacity

This is a major difference between Margaritaville Bali vs Tahiti. And it is what most people consider first before looking at anything else.

The Margaritaville Bali comes in a more put-together design with a 60-ounce blending jar and a self-dispensing chamber. The blending jar makes the drink and the self-dispenser stores and pours the drink into the glass. You don’t need to lift the jar and pour from the blending jar. This saves time and effort and prevents spills and leaks during and after blending.

Now, the Margaritaville Tahiti works differently. It features 3 blending jars of 24 ounces each. This makes the total blending capacity of the Tahiti 72 ounces. Each jar is 24 ounces in size. And they are placed side by side with different setting knobs under each blending jar. You can make 3 different drinks simultaneously in the Tahiti while in the Bali you can make one drink at a time.

The blending capacity is larger which means it’s perfect for parties and get-togethers. The Bali is easier to use but it does not match up to the blending capacity of the Tahiti as it is 12 ounces smaller.

+Pre-Programmed Settings

The Tahiti features 6 drinks that you get to select from. The Bali features 4 with a size selector for a full or half chamber blending size.

The 2 drinks that the Tahiti offers which is not present in the Bali are Mojito and Mudslide. The rest – margarita, colada, daiquiri, and smoothie – are the same in both blenders.

Conversely, the Tahiti does not feature a size adjustment dial like the Bali. On the Bali, you can select whether you want to blend a full chamber of the same drink or a half chamber.

But I have to point out that the Tahiti features 3 separate 24-ounce blending jars. Each pitcher makes around 3 drinks. This means you can make 3 different drinks at the same time – up to 9 drinks in total. They can be either one of the 6 drinks I mentioned above. So, in its own unique way, the Tahiti offers size adjustment too!

On the Margaritaville Bali, you cannot make multiple drinks simultaneously. It is just one drink, at a time, and in any one of the two servings size – 60 ounces or 30 ounces.

So this special feature of the Margaritaville Tahiti gives it an edge over the Bali.

2. Cleaning & Maintenance

The Winner: Margaritaville Bali

 Margaritaville Bali Maintenance
Margaritaville Bali Maintenance


The weight of the Bali is lighter and easier to handle than the Tahiti. It weighs 22.2 pounds while the combined weight of the Tahiti is around 30 pounds.

Lots of other factors, such as the overall design, of the Tahiti impact portability. But it’s clear why the Margaritaville Bali is easier to move around and store than the Tahiti. So in comparison, I think the Bali is a great choice if you want something lightweight and functional to use.

Though the Margaritaville Bali features a slightly bulkier design, in comparison to other single-jar blenders, it’s still a better pick for portability than the Tahiti which has more design parts to disassemble and store.

You should know that neither the Margaritaville Bali or Tahiti can be stored in a standard kitchen cabinet. On the countertop, however, it depends on the size and clearance of your counter and the cabinets. For the bar, however, or a kitchen island, they are easy to keep.

+Self-Dispensing Feature

Ease of use and simplicity is one thing but accessibility and maintenance are another. And the Margaritaville Bali wins in both! It not only features a more compact and portable design with the single 60-ounce blending jar, dispenser, and light weight. But it also features a self-dispenser that pours the drink for you. No spilling and no leaking to deal with.

The Margaritaville Tahiti consists of 3 blending jars with lids and a pouring spout. The spouts do have a pouring problem as the lid is not always secure. So there might be some dripping while pouring which puts a dent in the maintenance of the Tahiti.

It’s also a given that there are more parts to clean in the Tahiti than the Bali. Though both blenders feature dishwasher-safe parts. I found that the Bali is easier to maintain than the Tahiti. And the self-dispensing feature of the Bali certainly makes it better and quicker to use.

3. Utilities

The Winner: Margaritaville Tahiti

Margaritaville Tahiti Utilities
Margaritaville Tahiti Utilities

+Build Quality

The Tahiti is made up of bamboo wood, brushed aluminum, heavy-duty, die-cast components, and stainless steel. So it is more resilient and unlikely to scratch or dent than the Bali. The Bali is made from a combination of plastic and stainless steel.

I found that considering the larger size of the Tahiti, a sturdier material like bamboo wood is necessary. And it truly improves the quality and usability of the Tahiti because you don’t feel like you’re using something flimsy or wobbly.  The base of the Tahiti is very sturdy with a long cord and handles on each jar.  

Margaritaville Bali vs Tahiti: Similarities

Both blenders allow you to choose from a variety of drinks. You can also select whether you want the machine to automatically shave and blend the drink or you want to do it manually. Their controls panels feature a manual shave and manual blend button for controlled use. You can adjust how thick or thin you want your drink with the manual mode – it’s a lot easier and quicker than using a standard blender.

There is an ice reservoir that sits on top of both blenders that stores and feeds ice so you don’t have to do it every time. Though they both vary in the ice reservoir capacity which is a given because both have different blending capacities, it must be noted that they both offer a convenient and spacious ice chamber.

You can store up to 60 ounces of ice in the Margaritaville Bali. And up to 144 ounces of ice in the Margaritaville Tahiti which is more than enough for its 72-ounce blending capacity.

The same applies to the power rating of the Bali and Tahiti. They are 650 and 700 respectively which is powerful, efficient, and speedy for their respective sizes.

You can easily keep both blenders clean as they come with removable and dishwasher-safe parts. Despite the higher number of blending jars of the Tahiti, each jar is dishwasher-friendly including the lid and blades. So they are easy to clean in the long run. The self dispenser of the Bali is also dishwasher-friendly.

Quick Rundown of Margaritaville Tahiti

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  • It shaves and blends ice like a pro.
  • Great for larger parties.
  • Extra-large ice reservoir which 2x blending capacity.
  • Perfect seal for preventing ice from melting.
  • Dishwasher-safe blending jars with cutting blades.
  • Ice reservoir features a separate drip tray to prevent leaking.
  • Bulky design that does not fit in cabinets.
  • It is slightly loud.

Quick Rundown of Margaritaville Bali

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  • Great for daily use with large blending capacity.
  • Intricate and intuitive performance with programs.
  • Select from 4 different types of drinks with varying consistencies.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The self-dispenser makes pouring quick and easy.
  • It takes a relatively long time to assemble out of the box.
  • The ice dispenser may leak.

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