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OXO has partnered with the Virtual Potluck team to provide you with an array of tools you need to pull off some amazing meals this holiday season!

With the right tools in hand, any cooking job becomes so much easier. If you haven’t already checked out my post on how to Spatchcock a Turkey, do it now! I use a whole array of OXO tools and it’s a fun new technique you can use this year.
I’m going to walk through each of the tools I received and then let you know how you can win all of them!

Poultry Shears


These babies are sharp. And perfect for cutting that back bone out so that you can flatten out that turkey. They have a serrated blade on one side that grips the skin so that it doesn’t slip while you’re cutting. The blades also separate so that you can easily clean up after the carnage.

Digital Leave-In Thermometer

This put my last leave-in thermometer to shame. Choose your meat, where you’re placing the thermometer and even choose between USDA and Chef recommended temperatures. It sits beautifully outside the oven and even gives a 10 degree warning before your meat is done. If you’ve never used a leave-in before, it’s a lifesaver. No opening and closing the oven door a hundred times to keep checking the temp, so it cooks evenly and quickly.

Turkey Baster


To baste or not to baste? There’s lots of discussion on whether or not to do it but I can see reasons for both. If you’re going to though, this is the tool to do it with. Large enough to not have to keep sucking up tiny amounts of juices and it even has measurements up the side and a handy brush to clean it with.

4 Cup Fat Separator


I have wanted one of these for years! I don’t know why I never get one but every time I go to make gravy, I curse myself for not having one. It has a spout that starts at the bottom so that the grease and fat float to the top and you can pour the good stock out from the bottom. Everyone needs one of these.

3-in-1 Adjustable Potato Ricer


Admittedly, I do have a potato ricer already that I love. There’s just something about perfectly smooth potatoes that makes all the difference. The one thing that my ricer doesn’t have though is adjustable settings. The OXO one can be adjusted to three different setting depending on how fine you want something strained. So you can make chunky applesauce or perfectly smooth sweet potatoes. Now that’s genius.

Large Silicone Basting Brush

I’ve had silicone brushes before but never one this large and never with the cool center bristles that have holes in them to hold extra liquid. This size is perfect for basting your turkey, especially if you’re doing it on the grill this year.

Silicone Pot Holder


We desperately needed some new pot holders. I may or may not have left my last one on a hot burner. These babies can go up to 600 degrees and have a cool little pocket on the back for your hand to slip into.


Now that you’ve seen them all, how would you like to HAVE them all?

OXO is graciously giving one of my readers all of these tools to help them out in the kitchen this holiday season!

To enter:

  1. Share the How to Spatchcock a Turkey post on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Tag Thyme in Our Kitchen in your post, tweet(@thymeinrkitchen), or pin.
  2. Leave a comment below telling me how you shared the post and what tool you are most excited about receiving!

Extra Entries:

  1. Like Thyme In Our Kitchen on Facebook or follow me on twitter and leave a separate comment below for each.
  2. Check out and follow OXO on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. They love to share tips and techniques on how to make the most of your new tools! Leave a separate entry below. (Just one entry for this, not one for facebook, twitter and pinterest.)

Open to US Residents only. Entries open from November 9th to the 17th. Winner will be randomly drawn from all entries. Winner will be contacted (leave a contact method!) and must respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

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