Parrano Avocado Pineapple Recipe

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Freeze-dried pineapple is like crack. Once you bite into it’s shattering crispness and allow it to fill your mouth with it’s sweet, fruity esters and tickle your tongue with it’s metallic sting– you’ll be hooked. And when it’s just a memory, you will scheme and plot ways to get more. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Besides eating out of hand, it can be ground into a powder and folded into ice cream, meringue, cake batter, and bread dough for an intense pineapple punch without added moisture. A sprinkling over a finished dish reads like seasoning on the palate.

Every time that I score buy more, I intend to set some aside to play with. I wonder about reconstituting it…what would the texture be like?…would the liquid be flavored? Alas, it never makes it that far. I am weak.

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