Top 6 Best Pots To Cook Rice: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Rice is arguably one of the most cooked dishes around the world. Cooking perfectly perky and fork-fluff able rice is a simple task but often seems hard. One of the surest ways of getting the best tasting and delicious rice is using the right pot. For budding chefs and cooks, the best pots to cook rice come in handy when preparing delicious and tasty rice recipes. These pots come in tons of varieties with some models being high-end while others are not quite reliable. As such, choosing the right pot to settle for requires you to weigh your options and preferences. Our favorite pick for the ideal pot for cooking rice is the Instant Pot Ultra 60 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart Stainless Steel. This all-modern pot features a digital display and a multipurpose functionality. It replaces up to 10 kitchen appliances.

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Top 6 Best Pots To Cook Rice: Reviews & Buying Guide

#1, Instant Pot Ultra 60 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart Stainless Steel- Best Overall

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There is nothing that beats the convenience and performance of a high-end electric rice pot. As such, this Instant Pot Ultra 60 Electric Pressure Cooker is arguably one of the best rice cooking pots in the market. With a 6 quarts capacity, this pressure cooker is a great choice for preparing rice for the whole family. The automatic operation mode of the pressure cooker makes it easy to operate while preparing your dishes.

Modern technology

This Instant rice pot comes with a modern technology that features an embedded microprocessor. This microprocessor monitors temperature and pressure for ideal cooking conditions. Additionally, the microprocessor in this unit also adjusts heating duration and intensity and keeps time so that the food doesn’t overcook or undercook. This 3rd generation technology is foolproof. This pot comes with a steam rack with handles, serving spoon, recipe booklet and a measuring cup.

This UCL certified rice pot with 11 safety features that provide guarantee and peace of mind when using the pot. The most amazing aspect about this appliance is that it features a new steam release reset button that allows for safer handling. It is worth noting that all components that come into contact with the food are 304 food grade stainless steel. As such, they do not release any chemicals or toxins to the rice.

Easy operation

The ease of operation of this Instant rice pot is on a whole new level. For starters, the rice pot features a large digital display that shows all the crucial parameters such as cooking temperature, time, pressure and heat intensity. There is a central dial in the pot that features a simple turn & press functionality that provides added precision is selecting and adjusting programs.

There are tons of new features in this appliance include altitude adjustment and a cooking indicator. There is an ultra-button in the appliance that is designed for custom programming. Additionally, there are new functions in the appliance that include cake, sterilize and egg programs. Since this appliance is multipurpose, it replaces several other kitchen appliances that include pressure cooker, porridge cooker, slow cooker, cake maker, and yogurt maker among other appliances.

  • Versatile and multi-purpose
  • Easy to operate
  • Has a large digital display
  • New features that enhance convenience
  • Large capacity hence ideal for the family
  • Not large enough for extra-large families

#2, Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker , Steamer – Best Multi-cooker

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The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker & Rice Cooker is a smart electric appliance that aims to provide safe, dependable, and convenient service to all its users. This best rice cooker boasts of fast cooking speeds by up to 2-6 times while utilizing 70% less energy that standard cookers. The 14 inbuilt smart programs in this Instant cooker enhance its versatility and flexibility. As such, you can rely on the cooker for all your cooking needs.

Fast cooking speeds

This Instant pot for cooking rice and other foods is that it boasts of fast cooking speeds. As such, you will spend less time preparing your rice than you would when using standard cookers. This multi-cooker saves time and effort by combining 7 appliances into one. These appliances include slow cooker, pressure cooker, saute pan, steamer, warmer, and yogurt maker. The 3rd generation technology in the cooker is designed to enhance its efficiency and overall performance.

Ideally, this Instant cooker being one of the best rice cooking pots in the market presently delivers consistently delicious meals. The 14 inbuilt single-touch smart programs are automated and hence allow you to prepare meals even with minimal or no experience at all. The appliance guarantees tasty results for all meals and dishes you prepare. Since it is a multi-purpose appliance, you can use it for cooking ribs, poultry, yogurt, and desserts.

Easy to clean

With this Instant Pot, you never have to worry about staining or difficulties in cleaning the appliance. This is because it comes with a fingerprint-resistant lid and all the accessories and components in the appliance are dishwasher safe. The stainless steel lid in this pot is cushioned against corrosion and rusting, thereby making it 100% washable. When wiping the exterior surface of this Instant pot for cooking rice, ensure that no water or moisture gets into the control panel. This is because the electrical components in this panel are easily damaged by moisture.

Another unique aspect about this pot is that it features advanced safety protection. There are more than 10 inbuilt safety features that include safety lock, overheat protection, and other safety features. These features are designed to provide for safe pressure cooking. With its 6 quart capacity, you can use the pot for preparing rice for 6 people, thereby making it perfect for families.

  • Large capacity hence ideal for families
  • Has a digital display
  • Single touch buttons that make it easy to operate and use
  • Advanced safety protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Capacity is limited to 6 quart at a time

#3, Daikoku Furnace Banko Ware Rice Pot Handmade Black Glaze Two Cup Capacity- Best Classic Rice Pot

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If you are conscious about the taste of the rice you take, then you must be choosy when it comes to the ideal pot for cooking rice. The Daikoku Furnace Banko Ware Rice Pot is a high-end handmade pot that enhances a classic appeal to your kitchen. This high quality pot comes with a dual-layered lid that preserves heat thereby reducing the cooking time. Additionally, the lid helps in retaining high temperature and also offers optimal pressure for cooking rice.

Soft dirt design

The soft dirt design in this rice pot is engineered to create a uniquely original pot which utilizes over 90% infrared for cooking the rice from its core. This type of engineering provides for quick and even cooking of rice, thereby making it delicious and tasty. Overall, the dirt design is stylish and has a scratch-resistant surface that maintains a unique appearance of the pot.

This rice pot is designed with cool touch handles that allow you to remove the pot from the cooker with great ease. Additionally, these handles provide for safe handling even for youthful and inexperienced cooks. The pot is perfect for cooking brown rice that is otherwise hard to cook using standard rice cookers.

Cook rice easily

When using these rice cooking pots, you can comfortably without having to worry about heat intensity. As such, when using this rice pot, you are able to cook your rice from start to finish using medium heat for 11-15 minutes. The best thing about this pot is that it allows you to cook rice without constant supervision.  Therefore, you can attend to other tasks in the kitchen while the rice cooks.

There are indicators inside this Daikoku Rice Pot that make it easy to manage water levels without having to measure. You can easily adjust water levels for cooking rice using the indicators. The best thing about this pot is that it is multi-purpose as you can use it for making seasoned curries, rice, stews, and even other dishes that are prepared using tender ingredients.

  • Classy soft dirt design
  • Allows for easy and effortless rice cooking
  • Features water level indicators
  • Perfect for cooking delicious brown rice
  • Classic design and appeal
  • The lid is susceptible to breaking due to accidental falls

#4, COMFEE Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Stewpot, Saute All In One – Best User Friendly Rice Pot

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Are you shopping for the ideal pot for cooking rice that lets you set when you want the cooker to start preparing rice automatically? If yes, then the COMFEE Rice Cooker Stewpot is the ideal choice for you. This all-modern and luxurious slow cooker features tons of modern features that are designed to enhance the ease of use and efficiency of the appliance. There is a convenient digital display in the rice cooker that indicates the cooking time and temperature.

Multifunctional use

This Comfee rice cooker comes with limitless possibilities that allow you to prepare a wide range of dishes and foods. The 12 digital cooking programs in the pot are suited for different food types including pasta, rice, soup, steamed veggies, and saute. As such, this is an all-round appliance that comes in handy for preparing a wide range dishes using different recipes. In addition to this, there is a DIY function in the appliance for any special food you want.

The 5.2 quart capacity of this rice cooker provides you with a chance to prepare food for the whole family at once. This 20 cup Ultra Capacity allows you to prepare 10-20 cups of rice or 3-6 meat pounds or even a whole chicken. Due to this, the appliance is designed for parties, families or other outdoor activities. The rice cooker is made using BPA-free materials thereby guaranteeing the health and safety of users.

User friendly

Due to the modern and all-new control panel in this rice cooker, the appliance is easy to operate and use. This Multi-Use programmable rice cooker has a digital display that shows parameters such as time and temperature. The LED display in the control panel is bright and hence easy to read even in poorly lit rooms. All the buttons and switches on the control panel are soft and single touch for easy operation.

The rice cooker is easy to clean as the exterior surface is made using stainless steel and features a non-stick coating. The inner pot as well as the other accessories in the appliance are dishwasher safe. As such, it is easy to maintain the pot in a clean and hygienic condition at all times. It is also easy to hand wash the pot under running water with a mild detergent.

  • Easy to clean
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Multifunctional with multiple digital cooking programs
  • Comes with a digital display
  • 24-hour delay timer
  • Might be complex to operate for beginners

#5, Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker 6 Cups Uncooked (3L) With Fuzzy Logic And One-Touch Cooking, Brown Rice, White Rice And Porridge- Best For Mobility And Portability

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Toshiba is a popular brand for its high-end electronics that are known for their superior designs and performance. True to this, the Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker 6 Cups Uncooked Rice Pot is a superior rice cooker that is designed for use with all types of rice including brown rice, mixed rice, and short/long-grain rice. You can also use the cooker for preparing oatmeal, and porridge with perfect textures, aroma, and flavor.

Professional rice cooker

Featuring 7 pre-programmed settings, this Toshiba rice cooker is a professional grade appliance that is designed with unlimited cooking options and capabilities. This rice cooker prepares all types of rice including white, brown, mixed, and short/long-grained rice. Additionally, this multipurpose rice cooker also prepares porridge and oatmeal among other types of foods. The best thing about this cooker is that it prepares all foods in perfect flavors, aroma, and flavor.

The fanciest thing about this rice maker is that it boasts of a quick rice feature.  This specially designed sensor in the appliance accelerates the cooking speed and time to less than 30 minutes. As such, the appliance doubles as a great time-saver especially in a busy kitchen. The 12 cup capacity allows you to prepare delicious rice for the whole within no time.

Keep warm feature

Another amazing aspect about this rice cooker is that it comes with a keep warm feature. This feature sets in automatically, once the cooking process is complete. This features keeps the food warm for a maximum of 24 hours. As such, the food is ready to serve at all times.  The inner lid and steam vent in the appliance are detachable for easy cleaning. Reattaching these appliances is also easy and straightforward.

There are 2 programmable delay time features in the appliance. These options allow you to set the timer thereby allowing the rice to be ready whenever needed. All you need to do is just add rice and water in the pot and set it to cook just right before you get home. There is a removable steam vent in the cooker that allows steam to rise and escape thereby preventing a messy overflow.

  • Features a removable steam vent
  • Comes with 2 delay time features
  • Has a keep warm feature
  • Has a quick rice feature
  • Japanese style rice cooker with 3D cooking technology
  • Considerably pricey

#6, Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker, 5.5 Cup, Premium White- Best For Versatility

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Boasting of a long history dating back to more than a century ago, Zojirushi is a premium brand that prioritizes on the quality and designs of all its products. True to this, Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker prides itself in bringing about life-bringing comfort, vitality, versatility, flexibility and affluence to everyday life. This is a sophisticated rice cooker that allows you to a wide variety of foods including sushi rice, mixed rice, brown rice, porridge, and even steam your favorite foods.

Multi-menu selections

This best pot to cook rice comes loaded with multi-menu selections that are meant to allow for smooth operation and use of the appliance.  These selections include automatic keep-warm & extended keep-warm and re-heat cycles. These selections come with corresponding single-touch buttons that make it easy and effortless to operate the rice cooker. The cooker is compact and hence takes up minimal space on the countertop. You can also carry it around easily when on the road or for outdoor activities.

This computerized rice cooker & warmer comes with 5 ½” cup capacity, thereby making it ideal for preparing delicious dishes for the whole family. The cooker is fitted with the advanced Neuro Fuzzy logic technology that enhances the efficiency and performance of the rice cooker. The best thing about this appliance is that it is wall mountable.

Spherical design

The inner pan features a spherical design that is characterized by nonstick walls. The design of the pan provides for even and uniform heating and consequently allowing for evenly cooked food. Additionally, this designs eliminates the likelihood of overcooking. There is also an LCD clock with a timer in the appliance that provide for easy time monitoring depending on the food you are preparing. In addition to this, the appliance has a retractable cord for easy storage.

This rice cooker is a multi-purpose appliance that comes with multiple menu settings for all types of rice, porridge, semi-brown, rinse-free, sweet, and quick cooking settings. These settings are carefully labelled for easy operation even by newbies and beginners. The cooker comes with multiple accessories that include measuring cups, rice spoon holder, nonstick rice scooper/spoon, and recipes.

  • Wall mountable design
  • Large cooking capacity hence ideal for families
  • Compact design hence portable
  • Features multiple menu settings
  • Uniform heating with the spherical nonstick inner pan
  • The clock is not readily visible in poor lighting

Buying guide

Most people find it hard and challenging to identify the best rice cooking pots in the market. This is mostly because of the tons of brands and models that are available in the market. While choosing the ideal rice cooking pot may seemingly be a straightforward task, this is not always the case. This is because the brands and models in the market differ from each other considerably.  Here are the considerations to make when in the market for these appliances:

Required serving size

Identify the volume of serves you will need to make on a regular basis when you are preparing rice. Rice cooking pots come with varying capacities, with some models having large capacities while others come with limited capacities. If you want an appliance that has the capability of preparing rice for the whole family, then you should settle for an appliance with a 6 quart capacity or more. On the other hand, if you only need to prepare a small amount of rice at a time, then opt for a medium capacity pot.

Versatility and flexibility

It is advisable that you only opt for a model that is versatile and flexible in its applications. Such models are multipurpose and hence save you the trouble of having multiple appliances in the kitchen. Most typical rice cookers are designed to accomplish other tasks including steaming, slow cooking, pressure cooking, and other cooking functions. Versatile and flexible appliances are economical as they substitute other kitchen appliances.

Heat distribution

The heat distribution of any kitchen appliance should be even and uniform for the best cooking experience. The best pot for cooking rice should have even heat distribution so that your rice can cook evenly without any likelihood of overcooking or undercooking. More importantly, even heat distribution allows you to enjoy tasty fluffy rice at all times.

Durability and reliability

The only way the best pots to cook rice can be useful and dependable to you is if the appliance of choice is durable and reliability. Durable appliances last for long while ensuring that they give you reliable performance. True to this, ensure that you only settle on a rice cooker that is durable and made using sophisticated materials.  Rice cookers with stainless steel exteriors and food grade BPA-free interiors are the best as they are cushioned against wear and tear.


The pricing of these cookers is quite flexible and structured in a way that it accommodates everyone. There are models that are cheap and affordable while others cost an arm and length. Shop around for the best and most affordable appliance within your price range. It is necessary that you consider both the initial purchase cost and routine maintenance costs of the model of choice. Obviously, modern rice cookers with digital features and functionalities cost a lot more than the standard ones.

Care and maintenance

The best pots to cook rice should be easy to care for and maintain. Ideally, these appliances are not exposed to extreme wear and tear like most other kitchen appliances. However, you should always opt for a model that is easy to maintain without having to break your bank. Consider models with sturdy parts and construction as they are long lasting.

Bonus tip:

Always check the electrical rating of a rice cooker so that you do not settle on a model that has a high power consumption. Avoid models that are heavy power consumers as they can be quite expensive to manage with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should rice cook?

Rice should cook for about 15-25 minutes. However, your rice may take a shorter or longer time to cook depending on the variety and the size of the grain. Also, there are some rice cookers that take less time to cook rice compared to standard cookers.

Are rice cookers safe and healthy?

Yes. Pots for cooking rice are just like any other kitchen appliance. These cookers are designed using materials that are safe for your health and as such, they do not pose any risks on your health. However, when shopping for the best cookers, you should be keen to check whether the appliance is certified for meeting health standards.

How do you use a pot to cook rice?

Add 1.75 cups of water for each cup of rice you want to cook
Season the water by adding salt
Bring the water to boil
While stirring briefly, add water
Cover with a fitting lid
Reduce the heat and simmer until the rice absorbs the water


The pots and rice cookers we have listed herein come with fancy designs and are efficient. As such, you can rely on any of these models for all your rice cooking needs. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s provisions fully for the best cooking experience and results. With the best care and maintenance, these appliances can remain expressly useful for years.

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