Vitamix A2500 vs Nutribullet Review: Powerful Blenders With Different Blending Sizes – Which Is The Better Choice For You?

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It’s only fair to want something stable and performance-driven between the Vitamix A2500 vs Nutribullet. The Vitamix A2500 is the superior pick for most people while the Nutribullet is the affordable and lightweight option.

If you’re looking for a personal blender though, the Nutribullet is perfect for smoothies, juices, frozen drinks, etc. The Vitamix is larger, more powerful, and it offers multiple speed features that the Nutribullet does not have.

Also, the warranty on the Nutribullet is surprisingly limited – up to 1 year. While Vitamix offers a whopping 10-year warranty. So it’s more durable for everyday use.

For power and texture control, I highly recommend the Vitamix A2500 because it’s sturdier, faster, and more customizable. With a 10-year warranty, you know it’s the real thing and will last you a long, long time. The 1-year warranty on the Nutribullet makes it short-lived.  

Vitamix A2500 vs Nutribullet: Comparision Chart

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Vitamix A2500 vs Nutribullet: Differences

The Vitamix A2500 wins 3 – 1 against the Nutribullet. The Vitamix is a large, sturdy blender with multiple speed settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soup, and lots more. It comes with a programmable timer and Bluetooth for app compatibility.

1. Blending Performance

The Winner: It’s a tie

Nutribullet Blending Performance
Nutribullet Blending Performance

+Type of Blender

Between the Vitamix and Nutribullet, the major difference, among other things, is significantly their sizes. The Vitamix A2500 is designed for larger servings while the Nutribullet is a personal-sized blender.

The former features a 64-ounce blender container and the Nutribullet offers up to 24 ounces of blending capacity.

This explains the heavy-duty construction of the Vitamix. And the lightweight but sturdy enough design of the Nutribullet. Both are made of BPA-free plastic and have stainless steel blades.

But, performance-wise, the likes of the Nutribullet is good for someone living alone. It can make smoothies, juices, and other blends for one person at a time. The Vitamix, on the other hand, is ideal for more food so you can make for multiple people at a time without a hassle.

2. Controls / Settings

The Winner: Vitamix A2500

Vitamix A2500 Controls
Vitamix A2500 Controls


The Vitamix A2500 is a powerful blender that can puree fruits and vegetables, crush ice, break down tougher ingredients for smoothies or juices, and perform a host of other activities that may find lacking in your run-of-the-mill mixer or food processor.

And to support such incredible performance, it comes with a 10 variable speed setting. With 4 extractor blades, the Nutribullet comes with a single-speed motor. You press the container into the lock and the Nutribullet starts spinning the blades. It has no buttons or Pulse control like the Vitamix A2500.

So the Vitamix A2500 features a 10 variable speed dial, a pulse button, and a power on/off switch. The Nutribullet has none of that. I simply have to turn on the power directly from the electric socket and place the jar in the right place.

+Blending Pre-Sets

Another major difference, in line with the speed settings, is that the Vitamix features 3 program modes along with the 10-speed settings. Unfortunately, the Nutribullet offers none.

On the Vitamix, you can adjust the blending mode to make a smoothie, a frozen dessert or drink, and/or hot soup. This takes care of second-guessing the precise speed for texture control which is a blessing for those of you who are beginners.

With regards to programmability, the Vitamix is more customizable and versatile to use. The Nutribullet, though it is power-driven and stable, is not as substantial and flexible with its speeds as the Vitamix.

+Wireless Connectivity

You can connect the Vitamix blender to an app on your smartphone or tablet within seconds. The app is Vitamix’s companion app that lets you access more blending programs, adjust recipes, and use the timer easily and quickly.

It doesn’t take long to sync the blender to the app. And by adjusting recipes, I mean you can increase/decrease the portion of certain ingredients. When blending for more than a few people, it helps you make sure that you don’t add too much and spoil the overall texture and taste of the blend.

This is especially helpful when you’re making complex and delicate recipes such as protein smoothies, soup, dough, butter, etc.

The Nutribullet, being a single-serve blender, does not come with either the app or a timer for accurate control.

But it still does make smoothies and break down tough ingredients like leafy greens or seeds without any problem whatsoever. Only that you do not have control over the speed or time like the Vitamix.

3. Utilities

The Winner: Vitamix A2500

Vitamix A2500 Utilities
Vitamix A2500 Utilities


One of the biggest grievances I have with the Nutribullet is the warranty. The Vitamix offers a long-term 10-year warranty on all its important parts, the motor, and other features. While the Nutribullet includes only a 1-year warranty.

So you have to factor in the blender’s durability when comparing Vitamix A2500 vs Nutribullet. And pay the price for a blender that seems like a more responsible investment and that’ll stay with you for years to come.


Though it’s understandable why the Nutribullet does not include a tamper in its package because it has a smaller, 24-ounce blending capacity, it is a letdown in comparison to the Vitamix which does.

The plastic tamper the Vitamix offers is sturdy and strong. It helps in pouring, pushing the ingredients down to the base, and other things like cleaning and getting every last drop of the blend so as to avoid wastage.

I should point out though that you have to turn the Nutribullet’s container upside down to fit it into the motor. This means that gravity takes care of ensuring that all the ingredients inside the container are pushed directly toward the blades.

But for pouring and cleaning, you will require a spoon or a separate tamper.


The Nutribullet incorporates a personal-sized lifestyle. It can make blenders for a single person only. It’s compact, sturdy, and portable. And the blender jar which contains only up to 24 ounces can be used for a wide variety of things. The jar is easy to grip and easy to clean, made of BPA-free plastic and dishwasher-free.

However, and this must be noted, it does not come with a handle. A handle can be of big help while rinsing the jar, pouring, etc. The Vitamix, having a 64-ounce container, does come with a jar with a handle.

Thankfully, the Nutribullet and the Vitamix feature dishwasher-safe parts that make cleaning simple and quick.

Vitamix A2500 vs Nutribullet: Similarities

Both blenders offer enhanced and stable performance as far as blending is concerned. But with their differences in practically everything, they are the same in that they blend and puree ingredients within a matter of seconds.

For that very purpose, the Vitamix A2500 and Nutribullet feature 4 stainless steel blades for extracting maximum flavor and a smooth texture in food. The blades are also very easy to clean. Just place the blades and the jar on the rack of a dishwasher, making cleaning effortless.

Both are full-sized blenders with the ability to crush ice, make smoothies, pulse fruits for juices, and other multi-purpose use.

So you can expect consistent and durable performance out of both blenders once you start them.

I would also like to point out that despite their power differences, both blenders come with cooling fans to prevent overheating. And they include a handy recipe book and user manual for better use and maintenance.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix A2500

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  • Large blending capacity of 64-ounces with handle and lid.
  • Stainless steel blades for crushing, blending, pureeing, etc.
  • Dishwasher-safe BPA-free plastic jar.
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a timer.
  • 3 blending modes with 10-speed settings for texture control.
  • A bit too large for single-serve.
  • It does take up counter space.

Quick Rundown of Nutribullet 600

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  • Ideal for personal-sized and single-serve users.
  • Quick twist-and-lock mechanism for blending.
  • Portable and lightweight construction.
  • Easy to store with dishwasher-safe parts.
  • Recipe book included for making better dishes.
  • No speed settings like the Vitamix.
  • Short 1-year warranty only.
  • Noisier than the Vitamix for daily use.

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