Vitamix 5200 vs Breville Super Q: A Detailed Comparison Between Two Top-notch Blenders From The Two Famous Brands

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Vitamix 5200 vs Breville Super Q both are high-quality blenders from two famous companies. If you are struggling with choosing the best blender between them, I will help you by pointing out their differences, similarities, and pros and cons. 

For a quick answer: I see the Vitamix 5200 is better than the Breville The Q. The Vitamix 5200 has a significantly better blending performance. Grinding or blending using this product is heaven as it produces the most smooth, consistent texture. In addition, cleaning and maintaining this blender is a breeze. One more surprise is that it costs less than the Breville product.

As a runner-up, Breville Super Q is still very worth buying. It is an incredibly powerful blender with the quietest motor. Blending job will be hassle-free when using this blender as it has five one-touch programs. If you are looking for a blender that can blend large quantities easily and don’t mind its large size, then this blender is perfect for you.

Vitamix 5200 vs Breville Super Q: Comparison Chart

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Vitamix 5200 vs Breville Super Q: Differences

Vitamix 5200 has won 3-2 in this comparison match. The Vitamix 5200 has a little better blending performance. Cleaning and maintaining it is also easier compared to its counterpart. Furthermore, it is more budget-friendly. However, the Breville Super Q wins in terms of controls/settings and other utilities.

1. Blending Performance

The Winner: Vitamix 5200

+ Motor and Noise Level

The Vitamix is famed for its high horsepower. It’s supposed to be the strongest blender on the market. As a member of this legendary company, Vitamix 5200 has 2HP motor power. It is not the highest power that the brand provides but it is indeed powerful. Vitamix 5200 is able to do almost everything starting from making smoothies, ice cream, grinding spices, making hot soups, etc. 

About the Breville Super Q, have you ever had any questions about “what is “Super Q” in product name stands for”? It is Super Quick, Super Quiet, Super Blender.  Indeed, the Breville Super Q is also an incredibly powerful blender with an 1800 Watt motor. As a result, this blender is versatile as it also can do almost everything as you do in the Vitamix 5200. 

Moreover, the Super Q is “super” quiet as it has noise suppression technology. I don’t believe it until I use it. It is much quieter than the Vitamix 5200. However, you can’t expect it is completely quiet, of course, because it is still a high-power blender. But the noise level is far lower than most blenders. I’ve used it while my family is sleeping in the morning without issue.

+ Blending Capability

If both blenders are so powerful, how do we know which one performs better? I have tested their ability to do some types of meals to compare them and find out which one brings better results. It is not a surprise that the results are what I expected, Vitamix is clearly the winner. 

My first test is using two blenders to grind corn kernels into cornmeal. I had done at max horsepower, full-on speed of these blenders, and at the same grinding time. The Vitamix 5200 has ground corn kernels into really fine cornmeal that feels more like flour. The cornmeal from the Supper Q doesn’t feel as fine as the Vita, it feels more like sand and it has a little bit of coarseness. 

Vitamix 5200 perform better in crushing or grinding tough ingredient such as ice cube
Vitamix 5200 perform better in crushing or grinding tough ingredient such as ice cube

The result of the next test is the same when they crushing ice that Vitamix 5200 is better. The Vitamix 5200 is incredible at crushing ice. There aren’t any chunks left in the final product. But with the Breville product, it is also decent for crushing ice, however, some ice cubes were not be completely crushed and the final resulting is clumpy and sticks together.

The final test is making smoothies. Vitamix is well-known for its outstanding ability to make smoothies. The Vitamix 5200 is no exception. Although both blenders can make a smooth, well-blended smoothie just in a minute, I do see a little bit of chunkiness, graininess in the mix of the Supper Q. The Vitamix produces a slightly smoother and more consistent smoothie than Breville Supper Q.

2. Controls/Settings

The Winner: Breville Super Q

When it comes to controls and setting, it is definitely the Breville Super Q as the winner. The Super Q offers a high level of control with 12 variable speed settings shown on the LCD screen. On the other hand, the Vitamix 5200 only has ten speeds. This difference may not too significant.

 The most important difference is while the Supper Q has five one-touch programs, the Vitamix doesn’t have any. These five one-touch programs are smoothie, green smoothie, soup,  frozen dessert, and ice crush as well as a pulse function. Of course, the Vitamix still can make these dishes, but you will have to adjust each button to get the final results. These presets will definitely make your blending job is hassle-free. Just press a button and you can walk away meantime to do anything else. Moreover, you can set blending time, so your mix will never be over-blending.

3. Cleaning/ Maintaining

The winner: Vitamix 5200

+ Cleaning 

Cleaning the container is very easy just by adding some warm water and two drops of dish soap, putting on the lid, setting the blender container on the base, letting the blender run at the highest speed, or pressing the “clean” button if it is Super Q. After about 30-60s, the cleaning cycle will be complete. Then you rinse the container with water and it is ready for storage. 

As you can see, it will be a little easier to clean the container of the Breville Super Q as it has the one-touch clean button. That means you can just push that button and walk away instead of standing by the machine to stop it when it done the job.  

How about maintaining other parts of the machine? I have to tell you that the Breville is easier to get dirty and more difficult to clean compared to the Vitamix 5200. Only after using both blenders for a while did I realize this problem.

Some areas on the Super Q tend to collect food particles
Some areas on the Super Q tend to collect food particles

Food particles tend to be collected in the area touching the chrome base and the buttons.  Next is the container lid. Food also gets tucked into the deep grooves in the lid of the Super Q. I think it is difficult to clean unless you are careful and spend a sufficient amount of time cleaning it with a brush. Moreover, I found that the stainless steel finishes of this blender easily accumulate fingerprints so it needs regular cleaning to keep its good look.

What about the Vitamix 5200? Does it have the same problem? Yes, the food particles, dust also gets tucked in the switches of the machine. But it is much easier to get rid of. 

After all, cleaning and maintaining the Vitamix 5200 is a breeze and even easier than the Breville Super Q.

+ Storage

Let’s look at the height of the two blenders. When we attach the container to the base (and the lid also be placed), the whole Vitamix 5200 blender has a total height of roughly 20.5 inches and the Super Q’s height is 18.1 inches. As we all know, the standard kitchen cabinet’s height is about 17.5 to 18 inches. That means both of them are not fit under the standard kitchen cabinet. We can say they tie. 

Moving on, the Vitamix machine has a 8.75 x 7.25 inch footprint. Thus, it will take up slightly less countertop space than the Breville Super Q, which has a base of 8.2 x 10.6 inches. It is also a little bit of hassle to move the Breville Super Q round because it is heavier than the Vitamix 5200. 

In short, the Vitamix 5200 wins when it comes to storage.

Breville Super Q and Vitamix 5200 are too tall to fit under the standard kitchen cabinet
Breville Super Q and Vitamix 5200 are too tall to fit under the standard kitchen cabinet

+ The Lid

I want to talk more about the lids. There are some things you should know about them. They have different appearances. Clearly visible! But I want to say about how sealable they are. In some blenders I had used, the lid easily warps from the heat when you make soups and becomes loose. When the container is not tightly sealed, it can be dangerous when blend. Luckily, both these two blenders have a lid that is always secure, no matter the blending temperature is. 

About Vitamix 5200, the lid not only guarantees the sealing but is easy to put in and remove as well. The problem is on the Breville Super Q, the lid fixes TOO tightly to the container so it’s sometimes hard to remove. I always worry that I’m gonna break the loop. If you are a less able-handed person, you may have trouble putting the lid on and taking it off.

4. Price

The winner: Vitamix 5200 

Generally speaking, both the Vitamix and the Breville Super Q are relatively expensive to buy. At the time I wrote this article, Vitamix 5200 cost $479.95, and the Breville Super Q cost. So between the two blenders, Vitamix 5200 is much cheaper. 

Although it doesn’t have one-touch programs and intuitive controls like the Super Q, the Vitamix 5200 has better blending performance and it is also easier to maintain. I think the most important when choosing a blender is its blending performance, do you agree? So, with a cheaper price, better blending performance, the Vitamix 5200 is definitely worth buying. 

If you find a blender that is not only powerful but also convenient, you can choose the Breville Super Q. But in terms of price, I vote for Vitamix 5200.

5. Other Utilities

The winner: Breville

+ Accessories 

Even with the high price tag, neither blender comes with all the accessories you can use for blending. The Breville Super Q comes with a base, 68-oz container, 24-oz personal cup, blade system, a tamper, a spatula, and a cookbook. People say that if you want to improve the texture, colors, and flavors of your mixes, you should use the Vac Q. But you will buy this device separately for approximately $100.

Breville Super Q comes with many accessories
Breville Super Q comes with many accessories

Meanwhile, Vitamix 5200 only comes with a motor base, a classic 64-oz container, a classic tamper, and a cookbook. The other accessories such as 20-oz cup, 8-oz bowl, food processor attachment, blade scraper, Aer Disc container, and smart scale, you’ll have to buy separately. 

Therefore, Breville wins this round.

+ Cord

A small difference is about the cord. The longer cord of Vitamix 5200 may make it more convenient and easier to access your power source. But there is a feature that makes me prefer the Breville Super Q. It has a built-in cord wrap that is more convenient and aesthetic than the blenders with cord wrap on the bottom. Some users reported that the cord sometimes doesn’t go inside smoothly, but I have not encountered this problem yet.

+ Warranty

Breville is provided with an impressive warranty period that is 10 years while the Vitamix 5200 omes with a full Vitamix warranty for 7 years. Ten or seven both are a long time and because they are made from high-quality materials, you can expect them to last for many years. If they are properly maintained and cared for, they will last for more than 10 years.c

Vitamix 5200 vs Breville Super Q: Similarities

+ Container 

The Vitamix 5200 has a 64-oz container and the Super Q has a 68-oz container. They are both large containers and ideal to blend large batches such as for a whole family, for the party. I don’t recommend you buy them if you only need a blender to blend a small number of ingredients usually.  

They are both made of BPA-Free Plastic so you don’t need to worry to make hot dishes. On the side of the container, there are measuring marks that you can use to calculate the ingredients you put in. 

+ Blade

The blades are almost similar in shape but not identical. Their blade assembly is made up of four sharp blades. The Vitamix 5200’s blades are flat while the Super Q’s blades are serrated. 

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 5200

No products found.

  • It has a classic look but is very durable
  • It is very powerful and can blend almost anything into smooth, consistent texture
  • It container has a large capacity of 64-oz that can blend large batches
  • Cleaning it is hassle-free
  • It is worth your money
  • It is quite loud when running at high speed
  • It doesn’t have any presets
  • It doesn’t have pulse mode (But you can still do pulsing jobs)

Quick Rundown of Breville Super Q

No products found.

  • All accessories are dishwasher-safe, even the blades.
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Its motor is very powerful anđ “super” quite
  • With five one-touch blending programs, your blending job will be much easier
  • Many accessories are included
  • Food particles can be stuck in some areas
  • Jug can’t blend very small quantities because the blades didn’t reach low enough
  • It is not a budget-friendly blender

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