Vitamix E310 vs 5200 Review: What To Look For? Comparing The Durability & Performance Of Two Vitamix’s Top-Rated Blenders For Daily Home Use

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The goal should be to use a blender for years and it still feels brand new. The Vitamix E310 vs 5200 are two such fine and durable choices for home cooks. They can be used daily for grinding, blending, pureeing, crushing, and lots more.

But out of the two Vitamix power blends, which is better?

The Vitamix E310 is easier to maintain and use. It is more space-friendly which means you can keep other appliances around it. The Vitamix 5200 is bigger in that it takes up more height but it is also wider than the E310 so you do have to move things around to fit it.

Performance-wise, both machines are powered by the same 2.0 HP power rating, 10 variable speed settings, and 3-inch stainless steel blades.  The container of the E310 is more durable as it is BPA-free while the 5200’s is made up of standard plastic which is not good for blending hot ingredients.

Vitamix E310 vs 5200: Comparision Chart

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Vitamix E310 vs 5200: Differences

After evaluating, the Vitamix E310 wins 2 – 1 against the 5200. The reason is that the E310 comes with a BPA-free plastic carafe and more compact housing. The 5200 has better utilities such as a longer warranty and a longer power cord.

1. Blending Performance

The Winner: Vitamix E310

Vitamix E310 Blending Performance
Vitamix E310 Blending Performance

+ Carafe Material

The Vitamix E310’s carafe material is made up of BPA-free Tritan. This is a dense and sturdy plastic that does not retain food odours or stains for a really long time. The 5200, on the other hand, has a standard plastic carafe material. While it’s high-quality plastic, the E310 has better value because it leads to less odour and stains in the long run. So it looks much less worn out after intense and prolonged use than the 5200.

This may also interfere with the way you blend hot ingredients. Because in the E310, since it is made of BPA-free Tritan, you don’t have to wait for soup or any other hot ingredient to cool down before blending it. But with the 5200, you do hate to wait before pureeing or blending hot ingredients so that can be a minor inconvenience.

+ Carafe Size

The E310 comes with a 48-ounce carafe which is perfect for daily use. The 5200 features a 64-ounce carafe, so its minimum blending capacity is around 2 cups. You cannot less than 2 cups of ingredients at a time. In the E310, you can blend 1 cup at a time. So if you have 2 cups of ingredients to blend, divide and blend 1 cup for a smoother and richer consistency.

Starting from smaller servings, the E310 allows much finer and accurate measurements while blending. In comparison to what the Vitamix 5200 offers, measuring out 2 cups at a time can get tricky and inconvenient.

2. Cleaning & Maintenance

The Winner: Vitamix E310

Vitamix E310 Maintenance
Vitamix E310 Maintenance

+ Size

The dimensions of the E310 are 11 x 8 x 18 inches. And the dimensions of the 5200 are 20.5 x 8.7 x 7.2 inches. This means the 5200 is taller, wider, and more voluminous than the E310. Making the E310 a compact and portable choice.

Considering its user-friendly container size, the 310 is good for smaller blending use. And it’ll fit in both small and large kitchens easily. Meanwhile, the 5200 is fit for large and tall use which may not be a suitable choice for narrow and compact kitchens.

So in terms of versatility, you can fit the E310 anywhere, in tight and spacious corners. But you cannot do the same for the 5200 because it’s bulky, so it’ll only fit in places where there is plenty of room above and around it.

3. Utilities

The Winner: Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 Utilities
Vitamix 5200 Utilities

+ Cord Length

The cord length of the 5200 is longer up to 6 feet while the length of the E310 is 4.5 feet. A longer cord would mean that you don’t have to move the blender closer to the switch board to be able to use it. Though 4.5 feet is not short either but the longer the cord the better which is why the 5200 is a more convenient pick.

+ Warranty

In utilities, another great thing about the Vitamix 5200 is that it comes with a more durable warranty. Its parts are assured for 7 years, which is 2 years more than the E310 which comes with a 5-year warranty.

While both blenders feature a motor base, pulse switch, and 2.0 HP power rating – the 5200’S 7-year warranty is an irresistible deal considering the price and value of both blenders.

Vitamix E310 vs 5200: Similarities

Features like stainless steel cutting blades, 3-inch blade size, 10 variable speed settings, and a Pulse button. All these features are present in the Vitamix E310 and 5200. They also come with the same 2.0 HP motor which is kind of surprising, to be honest, considering the 5200 is a larger blender. So it should be pulling in more power (a higher HP rating) than the E310. But that’s not the case.

You will also find additional features such as the cooling fan, self-cleaning function, and a power switch on both blenders that help streamline the performance while also maintaining the high quality of the blades. So the blenders do not overheat or produce a loud rattling noise when blending.

The E310 and 5200 can produce a wide variety of blends with dry and wet ingredients. The maintenance and cleaning are also quite straightforward with easy to assemble and disassemble parts. The 10 variable speed settings allow more accurate transitions for blending milkshakes, soups, butter, smoothies, pastes, curries, etc.

Lastly, the blenders are quite beginner-friendly and come with a tamper and a manual for effortless use.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix E310

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  • Small and affordable blender for daily use.
  • Easy to clean and maintain considering its 48-ounce carafe.
  • You can do a lot with its 10 variable speed settings & Pulse function.
  • The body is narrower and shorter but very powerful.
  • Tamper, self-cleaning function, and thermal protection included.
  • It is loud on the highest speed setting.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 5200

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  • Great for larger servings – starting from 2 cups.
  • Strong and consistent blending performance.
  • The cord length is longer (6 feet).
  • Most impressive product warranty (7 years).
  • You can make ice cream, dough, butter, and milkshakes easily.
  • It crushes ice and other hard ingredients without making loud noises.
  • Low HP rating for a 64-ounce container.
  • The carafe is not BPA-free.
  • It does not fit in tight/narrow corners.

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