Vitamix 5200 vs 6300: Is It Reasonable To Pay For Extra Features Or Not?

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The Vitamix 5200 vs  6300 are quite similar, which makes choosing between them difficult. So, what’s the difference between these two blenders? Is the Vitamix 6300 worth the extra money?

For me, Vitamix 5200 is the winner in this battle. It is a slightly more worthy purchase than the Vitamix 6300 since it provides the best blending performance at a more reasonable price. I think spending the extra money to upgrade to 6300 is an unwise choice.

Of course, the winner is just my personal opinion, and only in this comparison. Vitamix 6200 is also a perfect choice. In addition to the same features as on Vitamix 5200, there is an addition of three preset and pulse setting. If you love the convenience and you don’t mind paying extra money, go ahead with Vitamix 6200.

Even so, I still recommend the Vitamix 5200.

Vitamix 5200 vs 6300: Comparison Chart

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Vitamix 5200 vs 6300: Differences

The Vitamix 5200 win 1-1 over the 6300. You can wonder why the 5200 is the winner despite the nil-nil draw. Just because it is more worth buying. The three presets and pulse settings of the 6300 are not enough for me to be convinced.

1. Controls/ Settings 

The winner: Vitamix 6300

The 6300 has pulse function and 3 pre-programmed settings that the 5200 does not have
The 6300 has pulse function and 3 pre-programmed settings that the 5200 does not have

+ Pre-programmed Settings

From the appearance, you might not be able to distinguish the 6300 from the 5200 unless you examine the interface. The interface also shows their differences.

Vitamix 6300 has 3-preset ( smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups). Simply turn the dial to one of the presets and switch the toggle to “Start” and you can walk away without having to watch it. 

On the other side, Vitamix 5200 doesn’t have any presets, so the jobs must be done manually by adjusting the knob. I feel it can even blend better than Vitamix 6300. Anyway,  I am still extremely satisfied with the Vitamix 5200, though.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, go for Vitamix 6300.

+ Pulse Function

If your blender does not have programs or variable speeds, the pulse feature can be used to control the blending. There is a button on the Vitamix 6300 to do it, so even if you don’t use any other options, you’ll still get a good consistency.

The Vitamix 5200, however, does not have this pulse feature, being controlled by a High/Variable switch instead that can be pressed to activate the highest speed or the lower variable speed.

If your Vitamix does not have the pulsing capability, you may be able to improvise by setting your Vitamix on “High” and manually turning it on and off that equal one pulse. Do this again and again. This will, of course, be more inconvenient when using the real pulse feature. But It still can get an incredible consistency. 

2. Price/ Worth To Buy

Vitamix 6300 costs $ 599.99, while Vitamix 5200 costs $ 449.99. The 6300 is more expensive because it has made small improvements that the 5200 did not have. But the question is “Was the additional $100 worth it for the extra features?”

For me, the answer is “no”. These features only make blending a little more convenient, not improving the blending quality or blending performance. 

In this case, the Vitamix 5200 is the clear winner. Of course, you won’t get the upgraded features, but the blending result is still as high-quality as the 6300. 

Vitamix 5200 vs 6300: Similarities

1. Blending Performance

+ The Motor Power

Vitamix 6300 and 5200 have a powerful 2 HP motor that can handle almost anything
Vitamix 6300 and 5200 have a powerful 2 HP motor that can handle almost anything

Vitamix 6300 and 5200 have a powerful 2 HP motor that can handle almost anything, including frozen fruits, ice cubes, and even frozen meats. Whether blending raw ingredients into a hot soup, making smoothies from scratch, nut butter, or crushing ice, these machines is powerful enough to handle it all.

However, noise is one downside of powerful motors. That’s right, Vitamix 5200 vs 6300 are very noisy, especially at the highest speed. But this is acceptable because it is similar to other blenders with this power.

+ Variable Speed Control

The two blenders both have 10 speed settings. You can easily change the speed to achieve different textures. You have complete control over the blending process because you can turn the dial at any time.

2. Cleaning & Maintenance

+ Container

The Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix 6300 both come with the same tall 64-ounce container. These classic low-profile containers are made from BPA-free plastic. I think they are just perfect for blending medium to large batches like meals for the whole family, not ideal for small batches. 

The 64 oz tall containers don't fit in the small cabinets
The 64 oz tall containers don’t fit in the small cabinets

The only drawback to these containers is their height. For tucking under cabinets on kitchen counters, they are quite tall. 

+ Clean 

The cleaning is effortless that we don’t have to put any extra hassle. Both Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix 6300 machines are able to “clean themselves”, by adding a mix of warm water and some drop of dish soap to the container and turning the machine to the highest speed. I do this after each use, and everything left is almost completely removed.

When I blend sticky stuff like whey or peanut butter, there will sometimes be little sticks in the pitcher that self-cleaning can not handle completely. I suggest scrubbing the pitcher with a sponge. 

Although many users said that we can toss some parts into the dishwasher for cleaning but I think the best way is cleaning it manually to maintain durability.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 5200

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  • It is a powerful blender that can blend almost anything
  • More affordable than Vitamix 6300
  • Multiple speed settings
  • The lid can be annoying to remove
  • Pulse mode and presets are not available
  • The “Classic” tall container doesn’t fit under typical kitchen cabinets

Quick Rundown of Vitamix 6300

No products found.

  • It has a powerful motor that can blend almost anything.
  • The three pre-programmed settings are useful
  • It is easier to use than the 5200
  • It is more expensive than the 5200
  • Noisier as compare to Vitamix 5200
  • The tall container doesn’t fit in the small cupboards

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